Registration takes place in two “passes,” with undergraduate students assigned four-hour appointment times during each pass. This two-pass registration system ensures that all students have access to the most critical courses and that access to registration is distributed fairly throughout the student body.

During Pass One, students can register for 17 units.

During Pass Two, students can register for up to 19 units.

Graduate students can register for classes anytime registration is open.

For more detailed information on the registration process, see Register for Classes.

Registration Priority Groups

Access to registration is by class level; seniors first, then juniors, sophomores, freshmen. Class level is calculated according to the number of units completed at the end of the term immediately preceding registration.

Undergraduate class level is as follows:

  • Freshman          0—44.99 units
  • Sophomore      45—89.99 units
  • Junior               90—134.99 units
  • Senior              135 units and above

Graduate students may enroll in courses any time Schedule Builder is open during Pass One, Pass Two, Open Registration, and Schedule Adjustment.

Registration Freeze

The Registration Freeze is the period of time starting on the registration fee payment deadline that ensures that timely payments are properly applied to student accounts, and provides an opportunity to clear registrations and enroll students from the wait list.

Wait Lists

If a course is closed, students can choose to put themselves onto a wait list. Wait lists for closed courses are established on a first-come, first-served basis beginning with Pass One registration appointments and continuing through the 12th day of instruction. Students who place themselves on a wait list will be added automatically into the course as spaces become available, when another person drops the course, or the number of available seats in the course is increased. When a student is added to a course from the wait list, the student is notified by email. All wait lists end after the 12th day of instruction.

Course Drop for Non-Payment of Fees

Students are dropped from their classes if they have not paid their current university fees and any outstanding debts by the registration fee payment deadline. If a student is dropped, all university registration fees for that term will be removed from the student’s account. Once dropped from their classes other paid wait-listed students may be added into classes before registration is re-opened for all students. There will be no guarantee that a dropped student will be able to enroll in the same course(s) that were dropped due to non-payment of fees.

Students may not register or change their enrollment during the registration freeze which occurs on the registration fee payment deadline. Once this registration freeze is lifted, all eligible students may access Schedule Builder to enroll or change course enrollments. Students who are dropped for non-payment of fees remain eligible to enroll in classes for that quarter. If a student dropped for non-payment of fees decides to re-enroll in classes after the registration freeze, regular university fees will be assessed to the student's account along with a non-refundable late registration fee.

Late Fee Payment Deadline with Penalty

If a student does not pay all tuition and fees, the late registration fee, and any outstanding balance by the Late Fee Payment Deadline, the student will be administratively withdrawn from the university, and will remain financially liable for any remaining fees, and will require readmission for any future enrollment.

For additional information, see Drop for Non-Payment & Late Fee Payment Deadline.

Auditing Classes

The right to attend University classes is limited to registered students who are properly enrolled in the class through regular or open enrollment. At the instructor's discretion, individuals who are not registered students can be allowed to audit classes. Instructors who allow such individuals to audit classes should clearly define the extent to which they expect the auditors to participate in the class. Students with an incomplete in a course who wish to audit another offering of the course do not need to register for it again.

Course Prerequisites

See Faculty & Staff Information on Prerequisites. Academic Senate's Committee on Elections, Rules and Jurisdiction (CERJ) recommendations on prerequisites.