This section is a reference for faculty and staff members and contains department responsibilities and the corresponding staff members to contact in the Office of the University Registrar.

For general contact information and student inquiries, see Contact Us.

University Registrar

University RegistrarBrian Hodge

Associate Registrar, Curricular OperationsDavid R. Flores

Associate Registrar, OperationsPatti Flynn

Office AdministratorMeghann Delevati


Enrollment, Records, & Degree Awarding

Serving the entire campus with transcripts, diplomas, special program registration, enrollment-related issues, grades, and student records management.

Assistant Registrar, Enrollment & RecordsKylie Podsakoff

  • Student Accounting Financial Adjustments, Record Custodian.

Records & Special Programs SupervisorKenzie Fairow

  • Student Records, Degree-Awarding, Online Cross-Campus Enrollment, Special Programs Processing.

Degree-Awarding, Records, Special ProgramsVicky Wong, Genesis Valdes

  • Degree-Awarding, Record Corrections, Grade Changes, Dean’s Corrections, Repeats, Special Program Processing.

Student Services SupervisorAlisia Quezada

  • Enrollment & Student Services, Customer Service Team, Prerequisite Checking, Drop for Non-Payment.

Student Assistant Supervisor/Call CenterEli Martin

  • First Contact for All Service Needs & Inquiries, Document Scanning Management & Archive.

Enrollment & Student ServicesJimena Castaneda, Jazmin Lomeli-Quintero

  • Student inquiries, Policy & Process Advising, Cancellation/Withdrawal, PELP, Part-Time Status Program, Employee/Student Program, Enrollment & Degree Verification Services, Official Transcripts/Microfilm.

Official TranscriptsWebpage

  • Official, unofficial, and advising transcript information.



Compliance related issues including grade change committee, athletic certification, residence for tuition purposes, FERPA, and data reporting.

Assistant Registrar, ComplianceKaila Balancio

  • Athletic Certification, Residence, Retroactive/Grade Changes, and Veteran Certification

Lead Athletic Certification OfficerJanett Escobar

  • Athletic Certification

Athletic Certification OfficerCassandra Rowley

  • Athletic Certification

Lead Residence Deputy; Lead Grade Change DeputyBarbara McLaughlin

  • California Residence for Tuition Purposes, Statement of Legal Residence, and Reclassification Petitions.
  • Grade Change Committee support, Grade Change Petitions, and Credit by Examination.

Residence Deputy; Grade Change DeputyErik Catalan

  • California Residence for Tuition Purposes, Statement of Legal Residence, and Reclassification Petitions.
  • Grade Change Committee support, Grade Change Petitions, and Credit by Examination.

Veteran Certifying OfficialGuadalupe Duran

  • Veteran Affairs Educational Benefits

  • Questions relating to California Residence for Tuition Purposes (will reach all Residence Deputies).


  • Questions regarding the Grade Change Committee, Grade Change Petitions, Retroactive Petitions, and Credit By Examination (will reach all Grade Change Deputies).


  • Questions regarding Veteran Affairs Educational Benefits


Integrated Curriculum Management System (ICMS) & Communications

ICMS Curriculum course approval, Major History, General Catalog, and OUR website administration.

Senior Business Systems Analyst & SupervisorMonica Foxvog 

  • Curriculum Management, UC Davis General Catalog.
Curriculum AnalystDianna Vera 
  • Curriculum Management, UC Davis General Catalog, Curriculum Editor-level Course Approval & Assistance, Communications, Grading Variances.

Senior Editor/Curriculum Coordinator/WebmasterRandall Maynard 

  • UC Davis General Catalog Senior Editor, OUR Webmaster, OUR Publications, Communications, & Forms, Faculty Guide, ICMS Course Approval & Assistance.

Transfer Credit & Degree Audit

Degree audit system administration, transfer credit processing, credit revisions, transfer equivalency, and special projects.

Assistant RegistrarKarisa Asato

  • Degree Audit System Maintenance, Transfer Credit Processing, Project Management, Data Analysis & Reporting

Degree Audit AnalystNatalie Bernal

  • Degree Audit System Administration, My Degree Training Coordinator

Transfer Credit AnalystHeather Redmon

  • Transfer Credit Processing, Credit Revisions, Transfer Equivalency & Articulation Data Maintenance

Transfer Credit AnalystHoney Akintomide

  • Transfer Credit Processing, Credit Revisions, Transfer Equivalency & Articulation Data Maintenance

Transfer Credit Project SpecialistChristine Jones

  • Transfer Equivalency & Articulation Data Maintenance, Transfer Credit Special Projects.

My Degree related issues, questions & requests, and advisor

Questions regarding transfer credit postings, credit revisions, and Simultaneous Enrollment petition


All things course & room scheduling related; including summer & examination scheduling.

Scheduling Unit SupervisorLisa Tadlock

  • Academic Course Coordinator

Scheduling AnalystsHannah McCarthyBreanna Cano, Ryley Fairfield, Imani Keeling, Vacant

Course Scheduling Development–Prior to

  • On-Line Scheduling Training, Classroom Assignments, Course Restrictions, Two-Tier Drop Deadlines, Course Material Fees, Enrollment Limits, Course/Schedule Changes, Add, Remove, Cancel Course Offerings, Web-based (Virtual) Courses.

Current Term Changes–After Publication Through End of

  • Schedule Adjustments,  Instructor Activation, Extra Sessions, Review Sessions, Film Viewing, Classrooms for Mid-term exams, Lock/Unlock Schedules, Door Notices, Variable Unit Course Maintenance, and Permission to Register (Add) Limits.

Final Examinations for Fall, Winter, & Spring

  • Policy Guidelines, Exam Classroom Assignments, Overflow Space, Review Sessions.


  • Summer Session I & II & Special Session Development, Classroom Assignments, Education Abroad Program, STEP Program–Learning Skills Center.

Scheduling Phone: 530-752-7228



Manage articulation requests from community college partners, interface with UC Davis faculty to facilitate articulation decisions, and maintain UC Davis articulation data in ASSIST.

Senior Associate Director & Articulation OfficerChrista Clark

Senior Articulation Data Systems AnalystGeniene Geffke 

Articulation Data Systems AnalystLily Gibbons