A cross-listed course is a single course offered collaboratively through two departments or programs. Each department shares responsibility for the course, and must contribute resources to the offering of the course. In addition, the course must be either team taught by a faculty member from each department, or must be taught by a faculty member with a joint appointment in both departments.

Cross-listing of courses is allowed only under very specific and limited circumstances. For courses to qualify for cross-listing, the departments wishing to cross-list must demonstrate that each will be responsible for supplying resources to the course, the course will be taught collaboratively by each department, or be taught by an instructor with a joint appointment in the departments; see Scope & Organization of Courses. These are the only valid circumstances to cross-list a course and the course will not be approved for cross-listing unless the specific circumstance is clearly explained on the course approval form. Cross-listing is an administrative way for two departments to share responsibility for a single course. The desire to cross-reference a course in the General Catalog is not a valid reason for cross-listing and will not be approved.

When seeking approval for cross-listed courses, each unit must complete a course proposal form and submit for approval. The forms must be identical (with the exception of the three-letter subject code and adjustments to prerequisites) and must be submitted to the ICMS Curriculum course approval system at the same time (within one day); submitting the courses separately, will cause delays. The course will not be approved unless both forms are submitted and are identical. If you are canceling a cross-listed course, either both courses must be canceled, or the cross-listed course must submit a proposal to remove the cross-listing.

It is important to understand that a cross-listed course is a single course offered collaboratively through 2 units. When a cross-listed course is offered, it must be scheduled through both units and will be published under both listings in the General Catalog and Schedule Builder. It is the responsibility of both departments to coordinate the scheduling and maintenance of a cross-listed course.