OUR LogoThe Office of the University Registrar (OUR) is the central hub for campus calendars, student registration, academic records, registration, tuition and fee assessment, and degree and curriculum management, as well as many faculty and staff resources and tools.

Vision | Operational Principles | Values


As a 21st-century University, students come first. The Office of the University Registrar (OUR) is committed to the University’s strategic priorities of student success and helping students graduate. OUR’s caring and motivated staff provide consistent, high-quality, student-centered services and strive toward continual improvements in our services through technology and innovation and by promoting an environment that fosters collaboration and creativity. OUR upholds its reputation of accuracy, timeliness, and consistency of service.

Operational Principles

To carry out OUR’s vision, and to continually provide better services, there are three operational principles:

  • Coordinated student services.
  • Improving staff service skills through staff development.
  • Efficiency through technology.


OUR highly values these qualities and behaviors:

  • Accuracy—Correct interpretation and application of rules and policies; correctness in all record keeping procedures and process outcomes.
  • Clarity—Minimize confusion and misunderstanding by demystifying complex policies, processes, procedures, rules, and regulations.
  • Fairness—Equitable and consistent application of policies, rules, regulations, and provision of service.
  • Respect for individual dignity—Empathetic consideration of each customer's unique needs and experiences.
  • Responsiveness—Provide timely, friendly, helpful and individualized information, service, and problem solving assistance.