Campus Use of Student Lived or Preferred Name

Student Name Change & Other Personal Information Changes

If you are student looking to change your name, address or phone number, your lived or preferred  name, social security number, gender, or citizenship, immigration & Visa, see Update Personal Information.


In public or semi-public systems where names are visible to other students, instructors, faculty, campus officials, and the general public, the lived or preferred name may only be displayed. Specific examples are the Student AggieCard, Canvas, and the UC Davis University Library. In systems such as these, it is important to only display the lived or preferred name. The display might take one of these formats:

PreferredName LegalLastName = Bill Smith

LegalLastName, PreferredName = Smith, Bill

In confidential administrative systems (non-public) used by staff, instructors, faculty and campus officials, the lived or preferred name may be displayed with the full legal name. Banner Student Forms and Class Rosters, Student Information System (SIS) Web Form Class Rosters and Final Grading Rosters are good examples of these types of administrative systems; they require CAS authentication and authorization for user access. The display in these systems might take one of these formats:

LegalLastName, LegalFirstName LegalMiddleName (PreferredName) = Smith, William James (Bill)

LegalFirstName LegalMiddleName (PreferredName) LegalLastName = William James (Bill) Smith

Campus departments are encouraged to utilize lived or preferred names in their business practices, and campus technologists who need data access to preferred names can obtain assistance through

Students should see Update Personal Information.