Integrated Curriculum Management System (ICMS)

ICMS is a web-access software that provides faculty and staff an electronic course approval system and the means to feed form data to the Catalog for campus viewing.

Launch ICMS using the link on the right. After you log in using your Kerberos ID and passphrase, you’ll see your ICMS homepage.

ICMS System

Effective Term and Availability

The Office of the University Registrar processes course forms after approval from the Committee on Courses of Instruction (COCI). Course forms are received by the Data Entry staff who then make the appropriate Banner entries. The form is then passed to the General Catalog Editor, where the course changes are added to the UC Davis General Catalog.

Effective Term is established considering the following:

  • Forms will be approved up to two weeks prior to Pass One, effective for that term.
  • Updates are not made to a course for a term that has registered students.
  • New courses may be approved at any time.
  • Course cancellations are approved for the next possible term that does not have CRNs assigned.