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Student Enrollment Status

The ability to enroll in classes, is just one characteristic that defines "a student" at UC Davis. At the time of registration, a student becomes financially liable and responsible for all tuition and fees for the term. A student is considered a registered student when enrolled in courses and fees have been paid.

To carry full-time status, an undergraduate student needs to carry a study load of at least 12 units (including workload units) each quarter in order to be certified as a full-time student for insurance and financial aid purposes or to compete in intercollegiate athletics. A Graduate student needs to carry a study load of at least 12 units each quarter in order to be certified as a full-time student.

There are other characteristics, such as being a California Resident or Non-Resident, qualifying for Part-Time Status, participating in a Special Program, or enrolling through UC Davis Extension that can impact a student's financial liability and the amount of tuition and fees assessed to the student's account.

It is important for all students to be knowledgeable and understand all of the University's published dates and deadlines, and any that relate to a student's specific status and characteristics. The Office of the University Registrar publishes calendars for registration & pass appointments, fees & billing, quarter dates & deadlines, and academic & administrative holidays, and other calendars for students reference.

If a student no longer wishes to attend, or can no longer attend classes at UC Davis, the student must complete a Cancellation/Withdrawal form. The student remains financially responsible for tuition and fees through the calendar day that the Cancellation/Withdrawal form is received by the Office of the University Registrar, as described by the system-wide Schedule of Refunds. The Schedule of Refunds also applies to those students who participate in the Planned Educational Leave Program (PELP).

Utilize the planning tools and information on this site to help you navigate your registration, student enrollment status, and future graduation from UC Davis.