Online Grade Change Tool

The Online Grade Change Tool allows instructors to easily submit and track grade change requests:

  • Instructors can submit grade changes for individual students or groups of students; if the reason and class are the same. 
  • Instructors can submit general grade change requests. Instructors can easily look up classes they have taught, as well as students who have previously attended their classes, to submit needed changes.
  • Designated grading authorities can track pending grades and submitted grade changes in their department. Instructors can track pending grades that they have assigned.
  • Instructors can submit final grades for Incomplete (I) grades, Y grades, and No-Grade (NG) notations.
  • Students can use OASIS to see pending and past grade changes submitted on their record.
  • The tool streamlines the grade change process in the Office of the University Registrar. Requested changes are reviewed and processed quicker!
  • When a grade change is submitted, applicable policy reminders are displayed.

If you have questions about the tool or grade changes, contact a Grade Change Deputy at

Frequently Asked Questions

Who, besides the instructor, can submit grade changes?

The instructor-of-record has the authority to submit grade changes. Designated grading authorities may also submit changes, but if they are not the instructor-of-record, the change must be approved by the instructor-of-record or department chairperson before it is forwarded to the Office of the University Registrar for review.

What types of grade changes can be submitted using the Online Grade Change Tool? 

Regular grade changes, Y grade changes, No Grade (NG) changes, and Incomplete grade changes all may be submitted using the Online Grade Change Tool. Furthermore, instructors can easily review all of the pending grades (Incompletes, No Grades, and Y grades) from their classes. Instructors and designated grading authorities can review changes submitted within their assigned courses/subject codes. 

When can I start submitting grade changes for a given term?

The term will appear as an option the day after grades have "rolled" following the conclusion of a term. Grades roll when a critical mass of grades have been submitted into the system by instructors, usually about a week after the conclusion of finals. 

I am trying to submit an Incomplete grade change for a student, but am unable to do so. Why?

There are a couple possibilities.

  • If the student has completed three terms in residence following the assignment of the Incomplete grade and the grade has not been changed, the grade may have changed to an F (or equivalent).
  • If more than three calendar years have elapsed, the grade has not been changed, and the grade was assigned on or after September 1, 2010, the grade will have become permanent on the student’s record.

An Incomplete grade has changed to an F or become permanent, but the student submitted the work before the deadline. Can the Incomplete grade be changed? How?

Please submit the request as a regular grade change to explain what happened.

Is department chairperson approval required for all petitions?

No. Unlike the paper Grade Change Request form, the signature of the department chairperson is not required when an instructor submits a change using the Online Grade Change Tool.

How does someone become designated as a grading authority?

To be designated as a grading authority a person should submit a request to the SIS Access Request System.

The chairperson of my department is not designated in the system, how do they get designated?

The chairperson role for each department is assigned in the OASIS role management system by the role manager of the school or college. This usually is someone designated in the College Dean’s office. For instance, the chairperson for the Department of History would be designated by the College of Letters and Science. To change or designate a department chair, contact that office.

When should I submit multiple students on a single change vs. individual grade change petitions?

It would be appropriate to submit a change for multiple students if they are in the same class and if the reason for the change is the same. Otherwise the grade changes should be submitted individually. No Grade (NG) petitions and Incomplete grade petitions may be submitted in bulk if they are for the same class.

Can I submit supporting documentation with a petition?

Yes. Supporting documentation may be attached when you submit the request.

Can a student see their petition?

Yes. For petitions submitted using the Online Grade Change Tool, students can use OASIS to see where petitions are in the approval process and the reason for the change. This should allow more transparency for students. Students cannot view supporting documentation through the system, but may request to view such documentation via the Office of the University Registrar.

If a petition is submitted for multiple students, can all of the students see the information regarding the others?

No. The system will only allow a student to see the information regarding their own academic record. However, if the petition includes comments, all students will be able to see all comments. As such, do not input personal student information in the comment fields. If you need to include specific student information, please submit an individual petition for that student.

What does the approval process/workflow for a grade change look like?

  1. The petition is submitted.
    • If the petition is submitted by the instructor-of-record, then it is forwarded to the Office of the University Registrar.
    • If the petition is submitted by a designated grading authority who is not the instructor, it is routed to the instructor or department chairperson for approval.
  2. The petition is reviewed by the Records unit in the Office of the University Registrar.
    • If the petition is deemed to be a straightforward clerical or procedural error that does not require more information, it is approved and processed onto the student record.
    • If the petition requires further review it is forwarded to one of the Grade Change Deputies to the Academic Senate Grade Change Committee (“GCC”) for review.
  3. The petition is reviewed by a Grade Change Deputy, who will determine whether the petition can be approved, needs more information, or requires review by the GCC.
    • If the petition is approved by the Grade Change Deputy, it will be sent back to the Records team for processing.
    • A Grade Change Deputy will gather additional information as needed.
  4. If the petition requires review by the GCC, the Committee can approve the petition, deny the petition, or defer the petition for more information.
    • If the petition is approved it will be sent to the Records team for processing onto the student record; the Records team will notify the petitioner.
    • If the petition is denied it will be processed onto the student record by a Grade Change Deputy; the Deputy will notify the petitioner.
    • If the petition is deferred, a Grade Change Deputy will gather additional information as required by the GCC.