Internal Transcript Guide

Welcome to the Internal Transcript Guide (ITG). This is a guide published by the Office of the University Registrar to help advisors interpret the myriad of comments and notations that appear on the UC Davis internal transcript. This guide is only available to staff and faculty via Kerberos authentication; the reason for this is that the internal transcript is an internal document that is only available to advisors. Much of this information could be confusing to a student on its own, and since students should not be viewing their internal transcripts out of the presence of an advisor it was determined that limiting access to this guide is best. With that said, the information on this guide is in no way secret, and so it is permissible to share the information on this guide with students.

The following pages of this guide have been moved to other places on the Office of the University Registrar website; note that the following links will take you out of the Internal Transcript Guide:

  • The Subject Code Guide and information on GPA and Balance Points has moved to the Official Academic Transcript section.
  • The Grade Notation Key has been moved to the Records section.