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This is a guide published to help academic advisors interpret the myriad of comments and notations that appear on the UC Davis internal transcript. The internal transcript is intended for internal and advising purposes only. It contains additional information that does not appear on the official and unofficial transcripts. In order to prevent misinterpretation for what appears on a student’s official record, the internal transcript is not accessible to students. However, advisors may use and share the information in this guide to help students with their academic plans.

  • Beginning of Transcript—Notations and information detailed at the beginning of the internal transcript.
  • End-of-Term—Notations and information detailed at end of each term on the internal transcript.
  • End-of-Transcript—Notations and information detailed at end of the internal transcript.
  • General Education—Information on UC Davis general education requirements.
  • Glossary—Glossary of common terms found on the internal transcript.
  • Minimum Progress—Information about minimum academic progress.
  • Repeat Notations—Information about how repeated classes appear on the internal transcript.
  • Retroactive Actions—Information about how retroactively dropped, added or modified classes appear on the internal transcript.

The following pages of this guide have been moved to other places on the Office of the University Registrar website; note that the following links will take you out of the Internal Transcript Guide:

  • The Subject Code Guide and information on GPA and Balance Points has moved to the Official Academic Transcript section.
  • The Grade Notation Key has been moved to the Records section.