Class Scheduling & Classrooms

The process of scheduling classes begins six to eight months before the beginning of the quarter concerned.

Class Scheduling Guidelines

In requesting general assignment classrooms, all departments must coordinate class times to ensure that 25 percent of their total class hours are scheduled outside of prime time hours. In addition, 30 percent of total class hours with enrollment projected at 150 or more must be scheduled outside of prime time. Prime time is defined as Monday–Thursday 9:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m (PT) and Friday 9:00 a.m.–12:00 noon (PT).

To ensure equal utilization of classroom space on all days of the week, the concept of standard meeting times for three and four unit courses is defined as noted below. Three and four unit classes in patterns other than these times are given a lower priority in room assignments:

Three unit classes:

  • MWF 1 hour
  • T/R 1.5 hours

Four unit classes:

  • MTWR and MTWF 1 hour
  • T/R 2 hours
  • M/W 2 hours (50 percent of classes)
  • W/F 2 hours (25 percent of classes)
  • M/F 2 hours (25 percent of classes)

For Standard meeting times; see General Scheduling Codes and Guidelines.

The primary portion of a course (generally lecture) is scheduled before the secondary part of a course (generally discussion or laboratory) is assigned space. A computerized room assignment program is utilized for course placement in general assignment classrooms. The program takes into account instructional needs and location preferences as it assigns space for the majority of courses and optimally matches projected class enrollment with classroom capacity.

Summer Sessions Scheduling

The standard time pattern for classroom utilization during summer sessions is modified to accommodate the shortened sessions, while conforming to approved contact hours. The summer standard time patterns are provided with the call for summer sessions scheduling updates.

Course Restrictions

All course enrollment restrictions require dean's approval. Normally, restrictions should be noted in the Restrictions on Enrollment field of the Integrated Curriculum Management System (ICMS) course approval form. Restrictions not noted on the course approval form are limited to Pass One Registration only. Restrictions are found in the Class Schedule at Faculty and Staff Resources.

Changes After Publication

The finalized Class Schedule is published at least one week before registration starts at Faculty and Staff Resources. This is not a dynamic list of classes. To see the most up-to-date class listings, use the Class Search Tool.

If the Class Schedule has already been published, requests for changes to undergraduate courses first need the approval of the college dean, who forwards them to the Course Schedule Coordinator in the Office of the University Registrar. It is the responsibility of the department to inform students and instructors of approved scheduling changes. The Office of the University Registrar will send a computer-generated email notification to all enrolled and wait-listed students when there is a schedule change, room change or course cancellation.

Classroom Information

The General Assignment Classroom Guide provides information including room size and capacity, multimedia equipment, IP addresses, disability access, and photographs for each general assignment classroom.

Every department has a staff member who is responsible for working with the Office of the University Registrar to schedule classes. You must inform your department scheduler of any special requests as early as possible prior to the beginning of classes. If possible, the Office of the University Registrar will accommodate requests for specific classrooms or equipment. The Office of the University Registrar will contact your department representative if a conflict arises in the scheduling of a course or a special request cannot be accommodated. Your department representative works with the Scheduling Analyst to resolve any scheduling problems.

Classroom Maintenance

Please be courteous to your colleagues. Leave classrooms in good order, on time, at the end of the period. Classes that start before noon, end 10 minutes before the hour. Classes that start after noon or later, start 10 minutes past the hour. This 10 minute period is to accommodate the transition of classes in the classroom. If there is a problem with media equipment, call 530-752-3333 or email A full range of audio-visual equipment is available for classroom use and the courteous staff will help you decide what equipment best suits your needs; contact the Academic Technology Services Help Desk at 530-752-2133.  If there is a problem with non-media classroom supplies or conditions please email