Retroactive Actions

Retroactive actions include any action or change to a student record that alters information in a term after the start of finals for that term. Petitions for retroactive change are governed by the Academic Senate Committee on Grade Changes (Grade Change Committee). This includes petitions for retroactive withdrawal, and retroactive modification of a single course; e.g., drop, add, unit change, or grade mode change. 

Questions about the retroactive petition process should be directed to a Grade Change Deputy in the Office of the University Registrar. For information on the Grade Change Committee, review the

Committee’s published guidelines. Certain specific types of petitions, as specified in the aforementioned guidelines, may be approved in-house by a Grade Change Deputy. For all petitions, careful writing and documentation is advisable, because petitioners do not attend meetings of the Grade Change Committee. Petitions without documentation will not be accepted.

The Grade Change Committee generally meets once per month during the academic year (from October to June) and the submission deadline for each meeting is generally the 15th of the previous month. Scheduled meetings and current membership of the Grade Change Committee may be found on the Committee information web page.

Retroactive Withdrawal

Students wishing to petition to retroactively withdraw from a term should complete a petition for Retroactive Withdrawal and have it signed by their college dean. This petition should then be submitted to the Office of the University Registrar by the student petitioner, along with a detailed explanation as to why the retroactive withdrawal is being sought, and any necessary supporting documentation. Petitions without supporting documentation will not be accepted.

Retroactive Changes

A student wishing to petition to retroactively modify an individual course; e.g., drop, add, change units, or change grade modes, should complete a Petition for Retroactive Change and submit it to his or her instructor. The instructor should then note whether or not they support the petition, sign the petition, and then submit the petition on the student’s behalf to the Office of the University Registrar. Students are not permitted to submit Petitions for Retroactive Change directly to the Office of the University Registrar. If the instructor for a course is not available, the student should work with the department to submit the petition.