Open Campus & Concurrent Enrollment

Many UC Davis undergraduate and graduate courses are available to the public on a space-available basis through the Open Campus Program. Enrollment requires the instructor's signature on the Open Campus enrollment form. Students submit the enrollments in person at the UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education office on or after the first day of instruction.

While most courses in the Colleges of Letters & Science, Biological Sciences and Agricultural & Environmental Sciences are open to Open Campus students with one signature, enrollment in courses in the College of Engineering, Management (MGB) 011A/011B and classes numbered 098, 198, or 298 and 398 require two signatures (instructors and dean or department chair). Courses not available for Open Campus enrollment include: courses in the School of Medicine, School of Veterinary Medicine, School of Law, and Graduate School of Management. Also not available through Open Campus are individual study classes numbered 099, 199, and 299 or 399 in any of the colleges, Health Informatics (MDI) classes, Mathematics (MAT) B (Elementary Algebra), C (Trigonometry), D (Intermediate Algebra), and Music (MUS) 130 and 131.

Open Campus students requesting enrollment in Chemistry (CHE) 002A or 002AH or Mathematics (MAT) 012, 016A and 021A must satisfy qualifying or placement requirements; see Prerequisites/Restrictions. There may be other college, division, or department restrictions on Open Campus enrollments, including timing of acceptance signature, so please check with your department if you have questions about a specific course.

It is the instructor's responsibility to first admit all regularly enrolled UC Davis students before signing the Open Campus enrollment form. The instructor's signature certifies that no regularly enrolled student has been denied admission to the course. The Office of the University Registrar does not establish criteria for which Open Campus students you should admit if you do not have space for all interested Open Campus students. You may wish to check with your department to see if it has an established policy in this regard.

Open Campus students should participate in class as if they are regular students, with the goal that these students have full access to class-related services. UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education provides the Open Campus students with access to a UC Davis computing account, UC Davis class portal(s), and a library card. Open Campus students will appear as “guests” in the online UC Davis Grade Book, and final grades are now submitted via the online Final Grade Submission tool, with the rest of the class. At this time, Open Campus students are not automatically included in class email lists, or other Banner generated lists or rosters. Units and grade points earned in Open Campus courses may be counted toward admission or readmission to undergraduate or graduate programs at UC Davis.

For more information on the Open Campus program, see UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education or call 530-757-8777. Direct Open Campus (concurrent) student enrollment and grade questions to the Open Campus program at UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education at