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Special Programs

There are a variety of established Special Programs, each having its own requirements and application process; please carefully review the information for each program.

California State University & California Community College Students

Students currently enrolled at a California Community College or California State University may register for a UC Davis class using the Intersegmental Cross Enrollment form.

Senate Bill 1914 and Senate Bill 361 requires that UC, CSU and the California Community Colleges permit students to enroll in one course per term at a campus of either of the other two systems on a space-available basis at the discretion of the two campuses. This program aims to encourage community college students to enroll concurrently in courses offered at local universities, potentially increasing the number of community college transfers, including students from underrepresented groups.

Students must meet certain qualifications and be certified by their home campus as to eligibility, residence, fee, financial aid and health status. Generally, students will be allowed to add a class, if space is available, after the add/drop period on the host campus. To add a course, students must obtain the faculty member's approval and signature on the Intersegmental Cross-Enrollment form, available at their home campus Registrar's Office. The student should take the signed form to the Registrar's Office at the host campus for processing. For more information, contact the 
Office of the University Registrar.