Special Programs

There are a variety of special programs that allow students to take courses at other UC’s, at Community or CSU’s, in Sacramento, in Washington DC or abroad.

Each program has it’s own requirements and application process.

Studying Abroad

If you are interested in studying abroad, visit UC Davis Study Abroad or these specific study abroad program pages:

Other UC Campuses

If you are interested in studying at another University of California campus, these programs might be for you:

Community College or California State University

If you wish to take a course at a community college or California State University (CSU), then the Intersegmental Cross Enrollment program allows you to do that.

Enrollment is limited to one course per term and participating students need the approval of both the home and the host campus. Please note that the Los Rios Community College district is not participating in the program.

Senate Bill 361 requires that UC, CSU and the California Community Colleges permit students to enroll in one course per term at a campus of either of the other two systems on a space available basis at the discretion of the two campuses. This program aims to encourage community college students to enroll concurrently in courses offered at local universities, potentially increasing the number of community college transfers, including students from underrepresented groups.

Students must meet certain qualifications and be certified by their home campus as to eligibility, residence, fee, financial aid and health status. Generally, students will be allowed to add a class, if space is available, after the add/drop period on the host campus. To add a course, students must obtain the faculty member's approval and signature on a Cross-Enrollment form, available at their home campus Registrar's Office. The student takes the signed form to the the Registrar's Office at the host campus for processing. For more information, contact the Office of the University Registrar.

The Los Rios School District (Sacramento City, American River, Consumnes River and Folsom Lake College) does NOT participate in this program.

Concurrent Credit from Another Institution

Per the Davis Division Academic Senate Regulation A533, a student may not obtain transfer credit for courses taken at a non-University of California campus in a term during which the student is registered as a full-time student at UC Davis. A variance can be obtained only by petitioning the dean of your college well in advance of the desired registration. When a variance is granted, units earned are counted toward minimum progress for the term in which the dual registration occurs. Summer Session courses are exempt from this regulation.

Students may gain credit for courses taken during the summer at other institutions, provided the courses parallel those given in the University of California. Assurance that such credit will be accepted, however, can be given only after the courses have been completed. You should arrange to have the transcripts of your Summer Session grades sent to Undergraduate Admissions for evaluation.

Washington DC Program

If you are interested in studying at the Washington DC center, see the Washington DC program. In this program, specific courses are approved for and taken in Washington DC.  There are NO exceptions allowing for registration outside of the approved program courses.

UC Center Sacramento

If you are interested in taking courses and internship regarding government or public policy, see the UC Center Sacramento program.