Education Verifications

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Education Verification for Employers

UC Davis has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) to act as its agent for purposes of education verification. This service is available only to students who are not All Records Confidential. The student’s name when enrolled and date of birth are required for identification purposes. For information, instructions, & fees, contact the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) by phone or website.

Education Verifications for Students

Education verifications are official documents from the UC Davis Office of the University Registrar. Verifications are printed on letterhead and include the Office of the University Registrar's legal seal and the University Registrar's signature. Education verifications provide information regarding enrollment status including the student's name, identification number, start and end dates of the selected quarter, full time or part-time enrollment status, and expected graduation date. The verification may contain other specific information such as GPA, enrollment history, or units for the term.

Education verifications are unique to the quarter for which they are requested. Education verifications are not transcripts and do not contain a complete list of courses, grades, and GPA for each term. If you require this information, see Official Academic Transcript.

Enrollment Verification

Enrollment verifications are frequently used to verify enrollment status for eligibility for:

  • Financial aid and/or services such as health insurance.
  • Auto insurance.
  • County agencies.
  • Subsidized child care.
  • Loan deferments & scholarships; payment & remittance information.
  • GPA verifications are often used for scholarships and good student discounts; the Office of the University Registrar provides verification, including UC GPA, once grades are official for the quarter, approximately two-four weeks after the end of the term.
  • Class registration verifications display the registered courses (subject, course, CRN, and course title) for the term.
  • Tuition and fee verifications display the combined amount of tuition, fees, and UC Student Health Insurance Plan (UC SHIP) assessed for the term.

A student must be enrolled in classes for a given term in order for Office of the University Registrar to provide enrollment verification for that term. If fees have not yet been paid for the term, the following notation appears:

This student is not considered a registered student for the term listed above. The student has enrolled in courses but has not paid fees for the term.

Order an Education Verification

To order an education verification, complete the Education Verification Request Form and submit the form to the Office of the University Registrar. If a student orders a verification that does not require payment, they may submit the form in person, by mail, fax, or through Contact an Expert. If a student orders a verification that requires payment, follow the instructions on the form. We do not accept payment information.

Verifications mailed directly to one of the following agencies do not require payment regardless of the student's Document Fee status: Housing & Urban Development, social security agencies, county agencies (re: income and expense), verification of family member enrollment for financial aid, subsidized or low-income housing, City of Davis or Parks & Recreation Day Care, loan deferment, Greater Avenues for Independence Network Social Services (GAIN) program, or scholarship letters to obtain money already awarded to you.

Verification Service Fees

Education Verification

  • Delivery method. Order and pick up in person or standard first-class mail sent within one-three business days after receipt of verification request.
  • Cost per letter; student is covered by the Document Fee. $0
  • Cost per letter; student is NOT covered by the Document Fee. $15

Education Verification mailed directly to approved agency; listed above

  • Delivery method. Standard first-class mail; sent within one-three business days after receipt of verification request.
  • Cost per letter; student is covered by the Document Fee. $0
  • Cost per letter; student is NOT covered by the Document Fee. $0