Employee-Student Reduced Fee

Employee-Student Reduced Fee Authorization allows for a discount based on both acceptance into the University simultaneous with a career staff position.

Fees during academic terms are assessed as a flat rate, regardless of the number of units enrolled. There are no per-unit charges. There is no automatic fee reduction for enrolling in less than full-time units.

Academic terms, while on the Employee-Student Reduced Fee program, are exempt from the year-end Minimum Progress calculation.

Per University of California Human Resources and Benefits At Your Service:

  • To participate in the reduced fee program, an eligible employee must have applied for and been admitted to the University. The employee-student is eligible for two-thirds reduction of of both the systemwide tuition and student services fee when enrolled in no more than 9 units or 3 courses per academic quarter or semester, whichever provides the greater benefit to the employee by the tenth day of instruction. The reduced fee program does not apply to courses taken in self-supporting degree programs at UC Davis. After the 10th day of instruction, full fees will be billed when an employee-student's enrollment exceed both 9 units and 3 courses and if enrolled in a self-supported program.  
  • Employees who are eligible to receive reduced fees under this policy are not eligible to receive an additional reduction in fees under the Policy and Procedures Concerning Part-Time Study.
  • The reduced fee enrollment provision does not include access to student services and facilities provided through the University Registration Fee, which includes but is not limited to the Counseling Center, gymnasiums, or the Student Health Services, unless the employee is otherwise entitled to them.

Per UC Davis Personnel Policies for Staff Members UC PPSM 51:

  1. Employee-students receiving financial aid must advise the Financial Aid Office of their entry into the reduced fee program.
  2. The supervisor reviews the request. If approved, the supervisor checks the box for the applicable work schedule changes and signs the form. A copy should be kept in the department personnel file. The supervisor (campus) or Training & Development (UCDHS) verifies that the employee's appointment meets the eligibility requirements and signs the eligibility certification. The form is then returned to the employee. Both of these signatures are REQUIRED. The Office of the University Registrar will reject any petition missing one or both of these signatures.
  3. The employee forwards the form to the University Registrar's Office. The form must be filed with the University Registrar by the 10th day of instruction.

UC Davis Extension

The reduced fee program does not cover UC Davis Extension (CPE) courses. However, UC Davis Extension offers a separate 20% fee discount to UCD employees. For further information, contact UC Davis Extension at 530-757-8777.

Summer Sessions: Applies to Summer Session 1, Summer Special Session, & Summer Session 2

The reduced fee program does not cover Summer Session course fees, however, career staff will pay a reduced summer campus fee

After completing the Summer Sessions application form, submit the Summer Sessions Employee-Student Reduced Fee Authorization form to the Office of the University Registrar.

Employee-Student Reduced Fee Authorization Form & Deadline

Employee-Student Reduced Fee Authorization Form

The deadline is the 10th day of instruction for the term applied for.

More information at Human Resources.

Ways to Submit the Form

Email your completed & signed Employee-Student Reduced Fee Authorization Form to registrar@ucdavis.edu.

In person. Bring your completed & signed Employee-Student Reduced Fee Authorization Form to the Office of the University Registrar in 3100 Dutton Hall.