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Campus Operations are Suspended

For more information & updates, see the UC Davis home page. Contact OUR at Contact an Expert.

Thank you for visiting the OUR website and for your ongoing patience and understanding during this unprecedented time!

Due to COVID-19, the Office of the University Registrar will continue to conduct business virtually. Our physical office space will remain closed until further notice.

For general information, please visit the applicable links on OUR's website. Many of our transactions can be completed online! You may also reach us through Contact an Expert. Due to the high volume of contacts, please allow three-four business days for a response.

For UC Davis Transcripts, please order your official electronic transcript through Credentials Solutions, Inc.

  • Students may cancel, before the start of instruction, or withdraw, after the start of instruction but on or before the last day of instruction, for any reason. The Cancellation/Withdrawal process separates the student from the university for the requested academic term and future academic terms. To return to the university, the student must submit a Readmission Application
    • Cancellation/withdrawal from Summer Sessions does not affect attendance in academic terms.
  • Planned Educational Leave Program (PELP) allows the undergraduate student to separate for one term, one time, during their academic career. Graduate students may PELP for up to three academic terms.
  • Students may also be Administratively Withdrawn for several reasons, e.g. Entry Level Writing (ELWR), Dismissal, Office of Student Support and Judicial Affairs actions and Drop for Non-Payment.
  • The Schedule of Refunds is applied to any leave from an academic term. Students are financially liable and responsible for the remaining percentage of tuition and fees not refunded by this schedule.
  • Students who do not register for the current term and are not participating in an approved leave of absence are considered non-continuing and separated from the university. To return to the university, the student must submit a Readmission Application
  • When a student Files to Graduate, they are considered non-continuing. Once they are degree awarded, the student may not return to the university under their previous degree objective.