Students with Disabilities

In accordance with law and University policy, students with documented disabilities who have registered with the Student Disability Center (SDC) may be entitled to reasonable academic accommodations. After a SDC Disability Specialist reviews the student's medical documentation and determines whether the student is eligible for services, the student submits written requests for accommodations for each class every quarter. The Specialist determines what accommodation(s) are necessary to provide the student with equal access to UC Davis educational programs, and emails a Letter of Accommodation to the student with an electronic copy to the instructor. A documented disability-based need may include a temporary disability that will last for a substantial portion of the quarter. Accommodations may include registration priority, extended time or separate rooms for exams, etc. Note that an adjustment that fundamentally alters the nature of the academic demands made of the student (e.g., fundamentally decreases the standards and type of academic performance) is not a reasonable accommodation.

Providing reasonable accommodations is a shared responsibility. The student must request accommodations as soon as possible, and within a period of time that allows the University a reasonable opportunity to evaluate the request and offer necessary adjustments. The instructor has responsibility for providing test and other in-class accommodations specified in the Letter of Accommodation.

The instructor should consult with the student and the SDC if there are any questions or concerns about the accommodations. If, after discussion of these questions or concerns, the instructor, the student, and the SDC cannot arrive at a mutually agreeable accommodation through the interactive process, the instructor may appeal to the Vice-Chancellor of Student Affairs. A student who feels that he/she has not received reasonable accommodations for his/her disability may file an appeal with the SDC.