Cancellation & Withdrawal

Cancellation/Withdrawal is the formal and official process that all students must use to notify the university that they no longer wish to continue their studies at UC Davis.

Academic Terms

Those who cancel/withdrawal from the university are no longer considered UC Davis students and will need to complete the Readmission process to return and continue their studies at the university. The amount of any refund or retraction of tuition and fees is determined by the calendar date the Cancellation/Withdrawal Form is received by the Office of the University Registrar, as described by the Schedule of Refunds.

It is critical for any student who attempted to drop all of their classes through Schedule Builder as a method to leave the university to immediately complete the Cancellation/Withdrawal Form. Failure to complete this form on the same day that they have dropped their classes may negatively impact any refund or Return to Title IV Aid.

The deadline to submit the online Cancellation/Withdrawal Form is the last day of instruction and a notation of the separation will be indicated on the official transcript. Notations are not placed on a student’s transcript if a student cancels prior to the first day of instruction.

Newly Admitted Students. If you wish to cancel/withdrawal prior to the first day of instruction, you must do so using MyAdmissions.

The nonrefundable $250 deposit, paid when you accepted admission and returned your Statement of Intent to Register (SIR), is withheld from tuition and the Schedule of Refunds is applied to the balance of tuition and student fees assessed. Therefore, on or before the first day of instruction, tuition and student fees paid are refunded in full minus $250. After the first day of instruction, the nonrefundable $250 deposit is withheld from tuition and the Schedule of Refunds is applied to the balance of tuition and student fees assessed.

International Students. With the exception of continuing students attending summer session(s), students in F-1 or J-1 status must contact Services for International Students & Scholars (SISS) office through iGlobal prior to or within 24 hours of submitting an online Cancellation/Withdrawal form to prevent immediate termination of the SEVIS record.  

If you wish to withdraw from a term after the last day of instruction, you need to submit a Retroactive Withdrawal petition. This process does not remove you from the university.

Summer Sessions

Those who cancel/withdrawal from Summer Sessions are still considered UC Davis students and this action will not impact their fall enrollment status or registration. The Schedule of Refunds does not apply to Summer Sessions. For detailed information, refer to the Refund and Cancellation/Withdrawal information.

A Cancellation/Withdrawal form must be received by the deadline for each session as posted on the Summer Sessions calendar.


The Cancellation/Withdrawal Form is available each term starting with Pass One Appointments and closes on the last day of instruction. 

Online: using your Kerberos ID and passphrase, complete the Cancellation/Withdrawal webform.