ZSADEPT allows department schedulers to query and update course schedule information online. Updating capabilities for course scheduling are subject to "open window" timeframes coordinated with departments by the Academic Scheduling Coordinator in the Office of the University Registrar.

Refer to the instructions on adding, deleting and modifying courses during maintenance access. Ensure that the scheduled course meets:

Remember to use the Ctrl+Page Down command to navigate in ZSADEPT from block to block and Tab to navigate within blocks. Tabbing is the only way the required automatic fill-ins will display. Save changes in each block before navigating to the next block.

    ZSADEPT Scheduling Reminders

    • Maintenance access dates to ZSADEPT are provided for each quarter based on deadlines. Update access to the “Instructor Block” remains open until the last day of instruction.
    • For variable-unit course sections, only the “000” section should be set to print (Print indicator = Yes). Numbered sections should not be set to print (Print indicator is blank). The “Print in Class Schedule” field is in Course Section Information of ZSADEPT.
    • Be sure to indicate an enrollment limit in the “Maximum” field. This is necessary for registration and required by Schedule 25 for assigning a classroom.
    • Delete courses/sections not being offered. Do not set the course "not to print" or leave a zero '0' max enrollment, no meeting time and no instructor - the course will still appear offered even though there is no information available. Students would still be able to add to the waitlist.
    • Press Ctrl+e to clear the Building and Room fields in the Meeting Time block. You must remove location data to proceed with day and/or time adjustments.
    • Leaving or entering data in the building or room field prevents Schedule 25 from assigning a general assignment classroom.
    • When scheduling “COM” (multiple activity) courses in the Meeting Time block, be sure to enter the appropriate schedule type in the “Schedule Type” field in the order sequence approved on the course approval form. Use the drop-down button, or double-select in the space to see the options. Special requests regarding rooms can be made on the “Special Requests” tab, and must be entered each quarter.