Reviewing Restrictions & Announcements

Please check the Course Restrictions and Announcements tab and “review” all restrictions. This must be done each and every quarter.  Pass One restrictions are approved by the college dean’s office. Restrictions beyond pass 1 (Open to) must be approved on the course approval form ICMS Curriculum.

The first block (marked ALL in the CRN block) is for multiple section courses when the restriction/announcement apply to all sections.

The other block (CRN noted in the CRN block) is for a restriction/announcement that applies to that specific CRN only.

  • Reviewed – No Change—Review the displayed restriction/announcement is correct and remains in place for the current term. Verify and select the “Reviewed – No Change” radio button underneath the corresponding text block.
  • Confirm – New/Change—Add or change the current restriction/announcement.
    • To add text, in the text block enter the text.
    • To edit the text, in the text block change the text as needed.
    • This process will automatically check the Confirm – New/Change radio button below the edited text block.
  • Delete—To delete a restriction or an announcement, select on the “Delete” radio button below the corresponding block. No other action is necessary—do not delete the text.

When you have completed the changes and marked the appropriate radio button, save the changes by pressing F10.

It is not necessary to confirm course materials fees or course announcements. Please use the Special Requests tab for submitting special course needs.