Repeat & Credit Limitations


Repeat Credit: Can the course be repeated for credit? If yes, select the Repeat Credit? checkbox and additional required fields will appear.

Repeat Credit Option: Is course repeatable for a number of units or is the course repeatable for a specific number of times?

Repeat Credit Time/Unit Limit: Enter a number representing the times (ex: 2) or total units (ex: 6.0) for which the course can be repeated. Banner includes the units from the original instance in the total of repeatable units. For more, see Tips and Additional Information below.

Repeat Credit Details: If applicable, enter under what conditions the course can be repeated; e.g., when topic differs; with consent of instructor, etc. *

If there is no restriction on how many times, or under what circumstances a course can be repeated, select the Repeat Credit? checkbox and leave all other fields blank.

Credit Limitation Text: If applicable, indicate limitations on credit; for example: *

  • Only 2 units of credit for students who have previously taken Sociology 120A.
  • Credit limited to 3 units for students who have taken Biological Sciences 104.
  • Not open for credit to students who have taken Sociology 120A.
  • No credit to students who have taken Sociology 120A.
  • Not open to students who have completed this course previously as course 198.

Do not list this information in the Course Description field.

* The catalog editor may change your text to suit the catalog style and format but will retain the intent.

Tips and Additional Information

Please keep in mind Banner's concept of Repeats, as it applies to number of units:

  • If you list a specific number of units, this is the TOTAL units a student may receive from taking the course, including the first time taken.
    • Example—a 4.0 unit course is listed as repeatable for 8.0 units. This means that the student may take the course TWICE. Once for 4.0 units and a second time for 4.0 units.
    • Example—a 1.0 - 5.0 unit course is listed as repeatable for 4.0 units. This means that the student may take the course a total of four times for 1.0 unit each, three times for any combination of 1.0, 1.0 & 2.0 units, or twice for 2.0 units each. The student will NEVER be able to receive the max 5.0 units because Banner sees the 4.0 unit Repeat limit as the (overriding) max units.
    • Example - if the max units is set to 6.0 for a 4.0 unit class, a student cannot get credit when they repeat the course.  Banner will see the student has 4.0 units and they are attempting 4.0 more.  Partial credit for a repeated course is not automatically given by Banner. 
      • Discuss your situation with the ICMS team. A Credit Limitation may be what is needed to apply partial credit to the student based on other course(s) they have taken.