Course Approval Form Archive

For decades, an archive of paper course approval forms was stored & maintained by the Office of the University Registrar. Those paper forms have been scanned and saved as PDFs to be viewed, shared, and printed. Get Adobe Reader

African American Studies (AAS)
Agricultural & Environmental Chemical (AGC)
Agricultural & Home Economics (AHE)
Agricultural & Resource Economics (ARE)
Agricultural Economics (AGE)
Agricultural Education (AED)
Agricultural Engineering Technology (AET)
Agricultural Management & Range Resources (AMR)
Agricultural Practices (APR)
Agricultural Systems & Environment (ASE)
Agricultural Science & Management (ASM)
Agrarian Studies (AGS)
Agronomy (AGR)
American Studies (AMS)
Anatomy, Physiology, & Cell Biology (APC)
Anesthesiology (ANE)
Animal Behavior (ANB)
Animal Biology (ABG)
Animal Biology (ABI)
Animal Genetics (ANG)
Animal Science (ANS)
Anthropology (ANT)
Applied Behavioral Sciences (ABS)
Applied Biological System Technology (ABT)
Arabic (ARB)
Art History (AHI)
Art Studio (ART)
Asian American Studies (ASA)
Astronomy (AST)
Atmospheric Science (ATM)
Avian Sciences (AVS)
Biochemistry, Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology (BCB)
Biochemistry & Biophysics (BCP)
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology (BMB)
Biological Chemistry (BCM)
Biological Sciences (BIS)
Biomedical Engineering (BIM)
Biophotonics (BPT)
Biophysics (BPH)
Biostatistics (BST)
Biotechnology (BIT)
Botany (BOT)
Cantonese (CAN)
Cardiology (CAR)
Cell & Developmental Biology (CDB)
Cell Biology & Human Anatatony (CHA)
Chemistry (CHE)
Chicano Studies (CHI)
Chinese (CHN)
Classics (CLA)
Clinical Nutrition & Metabolism (NCM)
Clinical Research (CLH)
Clinical Pathology (CLP)
Clinical Psychology (CPS)
Communication (CMN)
Community & International Health (CMH)
Community & Regional Development (CRD)
Comparative Literature (COM)
Consumer Economics (CNE)
Consumer Sciences (CNS)
Consumer Technology (CNT)
Critical Theory (CRI)
Crop Science & Management (CSM)
Cultural Studies (CST)
Dermatology (DER)
Design (DES)
Dramatic Art (DRA)
Earth Sciences & Resources (ESR)
East Asian Studies (EAS)
Ecology (ECL)
Economics (ECN)
Economy, Justice & Society (EJS)
Education (EDU)
Education Abroad Program (EAP)
Emergency Medicine (EMR)
Endocrinology (EDO)
Endocrinology & Metabolism (ENM)
Engineering (ENG)
Engineering Aerospace Science (EAE)
Engineering Agricultural (ENA)
Engineering Applied Science (EAL)
Engineering Applied ScienceDavis (EAD)
Engineering Biological Systems (EBS)
Engineering Chemical (ECH)
Engineering ChemicalMaterials (ECM)
Engineering Civil & Environmental (ECI)
Engineering Computer Science (ECS)
Engineering Electrical & Computer Engineering (EEC)
Engineering Materials Science (EMS)
Engineering Mechanical (EME)
English (ENL)
Entomology (ENT)
Environmental Horticulture (ENH)
Environmental Planning & Management (ENP)
Environmental Resource Science (ERS)
Environmental Science & Management (ESM)
Environmental Science & Policy (ESP)
Environmental Studies (EST)
Environmental Toxicology (ETX)
Epidemiology (EPI)
Epidemiology (EPP)
Epidemiology & Preventive Medicine (EPM)
Evolution and Ecology (EVE)
Exercise Biology (EXB)
Exercise Science (EXS)
Family Practice (FAP)
Fiber And Polymer Science (FPS)
Film Studies (FLS)
Food Science & Technology (FST)
Food Service Management (FSM)
Forensic Science (FOR)
French (FRE)
Freshman Seminar (FRS)
Gastroenterology (GAS)
General Medicine (GMD)
Genetics (GEN)
Genetics (GGG)
Geography (GEO)
Geology (GEL)
German (GER)
Greek (GRK)
Health Informatics (MHI)
Hebrew (HEB)
HematologyOncology (HON)
Hindi/Urdu (HIN)
History (HIS)
History & Philosophy of Science (HPS)
Home Economics (HEC)
Honors Challenge (HNR)
Horticulture (HRT) 
Human Anatomy–Medicine (HAN)
Human Development (HDE)
Human Physiology (HPH)
Humanities (HUM)
Hydrologic Science (HYD)
Hydrologic Sciences (HYS)
Immunology (IMM)
Infectious Diseases (IDI)
Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
Integrated Studies (IST)
Internal Medicine (IMD)
Internal Medicine (OEH)
International Agricultural Development (IAD)
International Commercial Law (ICL)
International Relations (IRE)
Italian (ITA)
Japanese (JPN)
Jewish Studies (JST)
Landscape Architecture (LDA)
Latin (LAT)
Law (LAW)
Linguistics (LIN)
Management Working Professional Bay Area (MGB)
Management Working Professional (MGP)
Management (MGT)
Master of Public Health (MPH)
Mathematics (MAT)
Mathematical & Physical Sciences (MPS)
Medical Informatics (MDI)
Medical Microbiology (MMI)
Medical Pharmacology & Toxicology (PHA)
Medical Sciences (MDS)
Medicine & Epidemiology (VME)
Medieval Studies (MST)
Microbiology (MIB)
Microbiology (MIC)
Microbiology & Immunology (VMI)
Middle East/South Asian Studies (MSA)
Military Science (MSC)
Molecular & Cellular Biology (MCB)
Molecular, Cellular, & Integrative Physiology (MCP)
Music (MUS)
Nature & Culture (NAC)
Native American Studies (NAS)
Nematology (NEM)
Nephrology (NEP)
Neurology (NEU)
Neurobiology (NEB)
Neurobiology, Physiology, & Behavior (NPB)
Neuroscience (NSC)
Neurosurgery (NSU)
Nursing (NRS)
Nutrition (NUT)
Obstetrics & Gynecology (OBG)
Occupational & Environmental Health (OEH)
Ophthalmology (OPT)
Oriental Languages (ORL)
Orientation (ORI)
Orthopaedic Surgery (OSU)
Otolaryngology (OTO)
Pathology (PMD)
Pathology–Veterinary Medicine (PVM)
Pathology, Microbiology, & Immunology (PMI)
Pediatrics (PED)
Pharmacology & Toxicology (PTX)
Philosophy (PHI)
Physical Education (PHE)
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (PMR)
Physics (PHY)    
Physiological Sciences (PHC)
Physiology (PGG)
PhysiologyAnimal (PHS)
Plant Biology (PBI)
Plant Biology (PLB)
Plant Physiology (PPH)
Plant Pathology (PLP)
Plant Protection & Pest Management (PPP)
Plant Sciences (PLS)
Plastic Surgery (PSU)
Political Science (POL)
Pomology (POM)
Population Biology (PBG)
Population Health & Reproduction (PHR)
Portuguese (POR)
Preventive Veterinary Medicine (MPM)
Psychiatry (PSY)
Psychology (PSC)
Public Health Sciences (SPH)
Pulmonary (PUL)
Radiological SciencesVeterinary Medicine (RVM)
Radiology (Diagnostic) (RDI)
RadiologyNuclear Medicine (RNU)
Radiology–Therapeutic (RTH)
Radiation Oncology (RON)
Range Science (RMT)
Religious Studies (RST)
ReproductionVeterinary Medicine (REV)
Resource Sciences (RSC)
Rhetoric & Communication (RCM)
Rheumatology (RAL)
Russian (RUS)
Scandinavian (SCA)
Science & Society (SAS)
Science & Technology Studies (STS)
Social Theory & Comparative History (STH)
Sociology (SOC)
Soil Science (SSC)
Spanish (SPA)
Statistics (STA)
Surgery (SUR)
SurgeryVeterinary Medicine (SVM)
Surgical & Radiological Science (VSR)
Swedish (SWE)
Technocultural Studies (TCS)
Textiles & Clothing (TXC)
Transportation Technology & Policy (TTP)
University Writing Program (UWP)
Urology (URO)
Vegetable Crops (VCR)
Veterinary Anatomy & Cell Biology (ANA)
Veterinary Clinical Rotation (DVM)
Veterinary Medicine (VMD)
Veterinary Molecular Biosciences (VMB)
Veterinary Pharmacology & Toxicology (VPT)
Viticulture & Enology (VEN)
Washington Center (WAS)
Water Science (WSC)
Wildlife & Fisheries Biology (WFB)
Wildlife, Fish & Conservation Biology (WFC)
Women's Studies (WMS)
Workload (WLD)
Zoology (ZOO)