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Davis Division of the Academic Senate & Course Regulations


Proposal: Any new, modification, or discontinuation of a course sent for approval.

Status: CurricUNET stores course versions by status.

  • Active: The most recently approved course form.
  • In Review: The proposal for a new, modified, or discontinued course is in the workflow.
  • Tabled: The committee workflow step is holding the proposal for review. (The proposal is no longer subject to the 15 day auto-approval at the College Committee level.)
  • Historical: The course record is a previous/older version of the course.
  • Discontinued: The course has been approved as cancelled/discontinued.

Actions: Actions are taken by CurricUNET users to process course forms.

  • Launch: The action by a proposal originator to move the form into the approval workflow.
  • Approve: The action taken to move the form from one workflow level to the next.
  • Decline: The action is the same as Relegate. Decline will move the course to the Chair level.
  • Cancel: The action used by Chairs to eliminate the proposal.
  • Request Change: The action used by Chairs to request the Originator to make changes to the course form. (Chairs cannot ‘decline’, they must ‘Request Change’ or ‘Cancel’ a form.) The course will stay in the Chair’s “Approvals” list with “Pending Changes” = Yes. The Originator will also have the course in their “Approvals” list.

Legacy: Some fields from the previous system do not exist in CurricUNET. These fields have been copied into “Legacy” fields so the information can be viewed.

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