Enter all required prerequisites as courses using the Add New Item button, or select the Pencil button to edit a prerequisite course. To remove a prerequisite course, select the X button. Use parenthesis and condition statements as applicable to group and show dependencies for a prerequisite.

If you wish to display “consent of instructor”, make the selection from the Consent of Instructor drop-down list. If you have courses that are prerequisites, the text the "consent of instructor” text will follow the courses.

Recommended or Other Text should be used any time you do not require a course as a prerequisite. This text will display in the catalog, but will not be used in prerequisite checking.

The Prerequisite Catalog View will display your entered prerequisite information as it will show in the Catalog.

Consent of Instructor—CRN Suppress & Use of “And” and “Or”

If you want the CRN suppressed in the Class Schedule, requiring students to obtain a PTA to register for the course, select the Suppress CRN in Schedule on the Enrollment Restrictions tab. This gives the department the option (during the quarterly course scheduling maintenance period) to suppress the CRN from showing in the class schedule.

If you use the words “and consent of instructor” in the Restrictions on Enrollment Text or the Prerequisite(s) field, we believe you want the option to suppress the CRN in the schedules. We will select “Consent of Instructor (CRN Suppress)" as YES. If “consent of instructor” is the only entry in a prerequisite field, we will also select the CRN Suppress field as YES. 

If you use the words “or consent of instructor” or simply “consent of instructor” in the on the Prerequisite(s) page along with other text and do not select the CRN Suppress field, it is considered text only for the catalog and enforcement will be the responsibility of the student and faculty.

NOTE: At UC Davis, it is unequivocal that a student may attend any course with instructor consent. This statement does not have to appear in the catalog course text.

Writing a Prerequisite

Grade: The lowest letter grade acceptable for the prerequisite course. Leave blank unless the prerequisite requires passing with a grade C- or higher.

Punctuation/Conjunctions. How you construct the prerequisite statement with “and,” “or,” and place parentheses makes a difference in how your prerequisite is understood.


What it means and what it does.

( )

  • Groups statements within complex requirements. 
  • Use parentheses to separate AND from OR groupings.


  • Can be used with courses or between groupings.
  • Do not write ‘OR’ after a comma. 


  • Separates individual courses or use between groupings.

If you need a minimum passing grade for a student to have in a prerequisite course, enter it in each prerequisite course as applicable.

  • ABC 001 and XYZ 001 C- or better and ABC 002.
    This means the student must have taken all 3 courses and have a C- or better in XYZ 001.
  • If the course can be taken concurrently, mark the box in each prerequisite course that can be concurrent.
  • Example: (XYZ 001A concurrently or XYZ 001 concurrently) or ZYX 010.

READ and check your statement in the Prerequisite Catalog View!

Co-Requisites: At this time, prerequisites can be taken concurrently. If you require concurrent courses, that is a “co-requisite”, and must be written in the Recommend or Other Text. This will be reflected in the catalog, but must be enforced by the departments. Co-requisites are not entered in Banner.

Recommended or Other Text: List any additional prerequisites that are either ‘recommended’ or are not specific courses.


The Prerequisite Catalog View will display your entered prerequisite information as it will show in the Catalog.

The Requisite Text will display the information from the previous ICMS to assist you in setting up the prerequisites in the new system.

Tips and Additional Information

If the Prerequisites display incorrectly after making a change, try refreshing the page or using "Ctrl + F5" to reload the form.

After your form is approved the prerequisite will be updated in Banner.  You can compare the ICMS and Banner entries using the Prerequisite ICMS/Banner Report.