Expanded Course Description


Summary of Course Contents: Provide a brief (100-200 word) description or concise outline of the major topics that would generally be covered in this course.

Illustrative Reading: List the text or a few (two-five) illustrative readings for this course.

Potential Course Overlap: Overlap with existing courses must be listed and justified, by citing significant differences in prerequisites, emphasis, disciplinary perspective, or depth of coverage. It is helpful to consult with the relevant faculty/department in cases of substantial overlap and to note such consultations here. If no overlap is foreseen, state "none."

Note: DDR 535-Special Study Courses states, "The content of a special study course shall not duplicate the content of an existing course."

Use the Remarks section in the Online Course Approval Form to explain special grading procedures, discrepancies between course units and contact hours, and other procedural matters; see DDR 538-Examinations.

Final Exam: Select the appropriate choice in the drop-down list.

Justification for No Final Exam: Undergraduate courses generally require a final exam. If there is to be no final exam in an undergraduate course (other than a lab course), provide justification here; otherwise state "Final Exam Required." For additional information on Davis Divisional Regulations (DDR) regarding final exams; see DDR 538-Examinations.