Enrollment Restrictions

Campus Operations are Suspended

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Thank you for visiting the OUR and for your ongoing patience and understanding during this unprecedented time!

Due to COVID-19, the OUR will continue to conduct business virtually. Our physical office space will remain closed until further notice.

For general information, please visit the applicable links on OUR's website. Many of our transactions can be completed online! You may also reach us through Contact an Expert. Due to the high volume of contacts, please allow three-four business days for a response.

For UC Davis Transcripts, please order your official electronic transcript through Credentials Solutions, Inc.


If you select the Suppress CRN option, this is what happens:

  • Consent of Instructor will be added to the Prerequisites tab (at OUR Data Entry level).
  • Your Department Scheduler will have the ability (during the quarterly course scheduling maintenance period to suppress the CRN from showing in the class schedule.

Any additional information included in the Enrollment Restriction(s) text box will display in the General Catalog.

The following phrases are usually “Restrictions,” not Prerequisites. If you want the ability to request “enrollment restrictions” on your CRNs (schedules), then put phrases like the following in the Restrictions field, not the prerequisite field, then follow the standard process of contacting the scheduling unit during the quarterly course scheduling maintenance period to utilize the restrictions.

Enrollment Restriction Examples

  • Restricted to upper division standing.
  • Restricted to graduate standing.
  • Restricted to GPA 3.500.
  • Open to students in _______ Major.
  • Not open to _______.
  • Pass One restricted to graduate standing.
  • Limited enrollment.
  • Class size limited to _______ students.

The catalog editor may change your text to suit the catalog style and format but will retain the intent.