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The Cross Listing field is a text box. Enter the department and course number of the cross-listed course.

A cross-listed course is a single course offered collaboratively through two academic units or programs. Each unit shares responsibility for the course and must contribute resources to the offering of the course. In addition, the course must be either team taught by a faculty member from each unit, or must be taught by a faculty member with a joint appointment in both units. For more information on cross-listed course approvals, see Academic Senate Policies.

After reading the guidelines on cross-listing, explain in the Justification section why these courses should be cross listed. Cross-listed courses must be identical. You are responsible for coordinating the submission of cross-listed courses. Cross-listed courses are not approved at the Data Entry workflow level until all of the courses are present at the Data Entry workflow level.

For a cross-listed course to be approved, each department must submit an ICMS proposal form. The ICMS proposal form must be identical in every way, except in Subject Area, Subject ID Code, and possibly Prerequisites. You must clearly explain on the ICMS proposal form how the course meets the criteria for cross-listing, and how the cross-listing benefits students. The ICMS proposal forms must be submitted simultaneously for approval. Each academic unit is responsible for ensuring that they submit an ICMS proposal form. Proposals that are not identical or are not submitted simultaneously will not be approved. 

Whenever there is a change to a cross-listed course, both departments must submit an ICMS proposal form reflecting the change. Once again, the ICMS proposal forms must be identical, and must be submitted simultaneously for the change to be approved. An academic unit cannot change a cross-listed course without a proper submission from the collaborative unit. Additionally, in order to sever a cross-listing, both academic units must submit an ICMS proposal form removing the cross-listing. On the form, each unit should explain the reason for ending the cross-listing.

Remember, a cross-listed course is a single course offered collaboratively through two different academic units. It is the responsibility of both units to coordinate in the scheduling and maintenance of cross-listed courses.