Step-by-Step PTR Numbers

Designated department staff or faculty may issue PTA (Petition to Add Numbers) as explained in the Banner Navigation course.

  1. Open ZSAMPTR and enter the term and CRN for the course in the top key block.
  2. Navigate to the Permission to Register Number Transaction block (Ctrl + Page Down twice).
  3. Input PTR Type: A (add).
  4. Opt field: CR (create).
  5. Exclude Var Unit CRNs checkbox: do not check this.
  6. Enroll PCT Limit: 0.
  7. Numeric Limit: 1 to create one PTR number.
  8. Save (F10).
  9. Rollback (Shift F7) to the key block.
  10. To view the PTA number, navigate to the next block (Ctrl + Page Down). You must assign the new PTA number to the student.