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Create a Proposal

Create a Proposal—A proposal is any new, modification, or discontinuation of a course sent for approval. To start, log in to ICMS CurricUNET and select the "Create Proposal" button. Using the drop down menu, select a proposal type and the pertinent academic level.

Proposal types are named for their school or the four colleges:

  • Colleges (A&E, L&S, BioSci, or Engineering)
  • Graduate Studies
  • GSM (Graduate School of Management)
  • Law
  • School of Education
  • School of Medicine
  • School of Nursing
  • School of Veterinary Medicine

Each of the above have several types of proposals that are further divided by academic level of the course,  be careful to select the appropriate proposal type as this dictates the workflow the form will follow

  • Create a New Course 
  • Modify an Existing Course 
  • Discontinue an Existing Course 
  • Update Prerequisites Only 

Review/Approve a Proposal

Users with reviewer/approver access can log in to CurricUNET to view proposals. When you log in, if you have a box with a number in the right corner of  your Approvals link button, it means you have proposals in the  workflow that you have been assigned to perform an action on. Select the "Approvals" button to view the proposals.

If you need assistance with Approvals, you can refer to the tutorial videos or our quick guides for Originators and Users.

Additional Help

  • Proposals at the College Committee and the Graduate Council workflow step will auto approve in 15 business days. The committee chair must take an action of “tabled” to stop auto approval from occurring.
  • The Committee Chair is responsible for reading the comments made when the reviewers preformed the “Review” action. 
  • If you play two or more "roles" in the system, you may see a course twice in your Approvals. The “Positions” will be different. 
  • If you are a Chair and use the action “Request Changes,” the proposal will stay in your Approvals, but it will have YES in the Pending Changes column. The Originator must go to their Approvals to update the proposal and perform the action "Changes Made" to allow the Chair to approve.

Search for a Course

Active, In Review, Historical, and Discontinued courses can all be found in CurricUNET.

Generate Reports

CurricUNET offers different reports to supplement and organize the courses and their information. Users can view Course Outlines, Comparison Reports, Impact Reports, and All Fields Reports using the report icon.

Contact the ICMS Team, if you require additional reporting.