Quick Reference Guide

ICMS is a web-access software that allows faculty and staff to review, submit and approve proposals for new courses, modifications to existing courses and discontinuations of courses electronically. The ICMS system feeds data to the Catalog for campus viewing.

Launch ICMS using the link on the right. After you login using your Kerberos ID and passphrase, you’ll see your ICMS homepage.

Search & Navigation

  • Preferred browsers: Firefox & Chrome
  • Select Launch ICMS from the link on the right.


  • Enter your UC Davis ID and passphrase.
  • Select Curriculum, then Course from the pull down menu.
  • Select the My Institution radio button.

Radio Button

  • The Status filter defaults to Draft, In Review. Clear this filter so your Search is not limited to these statuses.


Use one or more of the other filters to locate courses.

  • Subject Filter: Locates the three alpha subject code, allowing you to find all course records for that subject.
    • For the Subject filter, use the arrow down to access the pull down menu.
    • In the Search box. type the subject code or part of the subject name.
    • Place a check mark next to the appropriate subject.

Subject Codes


  • Title / Course#: Use this filter to search all courses for a word, or to quickly search when you know the subjects code and course number.

By Subject and Number

Subject and Number

By Word


How to search multiple subject codes.

Generate Reports

CurricUNET offers reports to easily view course information. The easiest and most useful report is the Course Outline. Use the Report Icon and select Course Outline from the drop down menu.


This will generate the Course Outline.