UC Intercampus Visiting Programs

Undergraduate Students

UC Simultaneous Enrollment

UC Simultaneous Enrollment allows undergraduate students to take course(s) at other UCs, while registered full-time at UC Davis. Students must complete the Petition for UC Simultaneous Enrollment form.

Intercampus Visitor Program

The Intercampus Visitor Program (ICV) allows qualified undergraduates at the University of California to take advantage of educational opportunities at other UC campuses. Students may take courses that are not available at their home campus, participate in special programs or study with a distinguished faculty member at another campus.

As an ICV participant, you may enroll at another campus, called the host campus, for only one term.

Consult with your home campus academic advisor about the courses you wish to take at the host campus. Information about these courses can be found in the host campus's General Catalog. You may also want to consult with an advisor at the host campus to find out if there are special prerequisites or requirements for any of the courses you plan to take.

If you are a senior, discuss with your dean's office if participating in this program could impact your timeline to graduate. To qualify as an Intercampus Visitor, you need to be an undergraduate that has:

  • Completed at least one year of residence at your home campus and is currently a continuing student.
  • Maintained a grade point average of at least 2.000 or the equivalent and is currently in good academic standing.
  • Obtained the approval of the Dean or Provost, or a designee, of the college or school in which you are currently enrolled.

Students must complete the University of California Intercampus Visitor Program application form, and then submit the form by the filing deadlines, below.

Filing Deadlines

  • Fall Quarter/Fall Semester: Nov 1–Apr 30
  • Winter Quarter/Spring Semester: Jul 1–Oct 31
  • Spring Quarter: Oct 1–Jan 1

Graduate Students

Intercampus Exchange Program

If you are interested in participating in the Intercampus Exchange Program (IEP), contact UC Davis Graduate Studies.