Policy Change Timeline

A timeline of recent policy changes.

Timing TBD

Previously, university credits that were awarded to students based on their completion of advanced placement classes (AP) were included in the calculation of completed units. At its April 28th meeting (2015), the Academic Senate Committee on Admissions and Enrollment ended the practice of counting AP units in setting registration priority.  Henceforward, all entering freshman will start with a unit count of zero. All transfer students will start with an entering unit count of 90.  Adjustments will be made as transfer credits from actual university coursework are validated. For further information about UC Davis registration practices and policies, please visit the Registrar’s registration website.

Fall 2016

This is the projected date of the Degree Works rollout for the campus as well as new systems for tracking prerequisites and transfer credit.

Fall 2013

DD Reg A547 Amended

The Academic Senate approved a change to clarify the last day to add/drop/withdraw to be the last day of instruction for each term. The deadline for Summer Sessions was specified as the end of the fifth week of instruction.

Fall 2012

ENWS Eliminated

The ENWS ("Enrolled-No Work Submitted" or "NS") notation was discontinued as of Fall 2012.

Credit By Exam in the Summer

Students are now allowed to take Credit By Exam in the summer, provided that they are a regularly matriculated UC Davis student in the previous spring (and meet all of the other criteria for CBE listed in DD Reg 540 and 542. For more information see the Petition for Credit By Examination.

Illegal Repeats Registration Change

Students are no longer allowed to enroll in a course that would be an illegal repeat—such as if they repeat a course in which they received a C- or better (B- or better for a graduate student), if they repeat a course for the second time without getting Dean's permission, or if they repeat a course in which they have a pending Incomplete grade—without getting prior permission from their college Dean.

Winter 2012

Subject A terminology officially changed

The "Subject A" terminology was officially changed on the internal transcript in Winter 2012. The old description said "Subject A" and the new description says "ELWR." The ELWR requirement is indicated as "satisfied" or "required." If the requirement has been satisfied then the comment on the internal transcript also indicates how it was satisfied (such as by college course).

SAP (for financial aid)

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) for purposes of financial aid is changed to be more in line with general campus academic policies.

Fall 2011

GE3 Implemented

The third iteration of the UC Davis General Education requirement is implemented.

Graduate Student Repeats

As of September 1, 2011, graduate students are limited to repeating three courses for all courses repeated. Previously graduate students were limited to nine units.

Fall 2010

Incomplete Grade policy Change

The Academic Senate guidelines are amended regarding Incomplete grading to put a definite cap on the amount of time a student has to make up the work. Because students have three terms "in residence" to make up the grade, students who did not attend or graduate after receiving an I grade were not strictly prohibited from making up the work far into the future. As a result, departments would have to deal with students asking to make up work many years later, when the Incomplete paperwork—and even the instructor—were no longer available. With this change, if after three years an Incomplete has not been completed the grade becomes permanent on the student's record and cannot be changed. This change is not retroactive and applies to all grades assigned Summer Session II 2010 and later.

Fall 2006

Minimum Progress Enforcement Stepped Up

The minimum progress requirement began to be enforced much more strictly by order of the Academic Senate.

Registration Limits Changed

The number of units that students are permitted to enroll during "Pass 1" is raised to 17.

Fall 2005

PELP Policy Changed

Undergraduate students limited to one term in the Planned Educational Leave Program (PELP). All undergraduate students are now subject to a PELP limit of one quarter in their academic career (Before Fall 2005, students were permitted to PELP for up to three quarters. Students on church missions or who were forced to leave campus due to military orders were allowed to PELP indefinitely).  For graduate students, the maximum leave is up to one year.

Fall 2000

Minimum Progress Requirement Increased

The minimum progress requirement is changed from 12 to 13 units (Minimum Progress Resolution).