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This section is designed to assist the user in understanding the notations and information detailed at the beginning of the internal transcript. Items such as the student's ID number, date of birth, full name, current major and college, class level, and registration status are all listed in this part of the transcript.

Graduation & Current Declared Major/College

Before a student files for graduation, his or her college and major will be listed under the "ISSUED TO:" notation. Here is an example:


When a student files to graduate, this notation changes and is formatted differently. At this stage, the student's college is no longer listed and his or her minor, if applicable, will show after it has been approved by the college.  Here is an example:


When a student's degree has been awarded, the notation changes again. At this stage, honors and approved minors will show.  Here is an example:


A student's minor is not usually listed until right before the student's degree is posted to the record. To receive recognition for a minor, a student must petition his or her college dean's office.

Students with multiple majors in the same college will have these majors listed one over the other. These students are issued one diploma for both completed majors. If such majors are different degree types (Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Arts), the student will be issued a "Bachelor of Arts and Science."

Students with multiple majors in different colleges ("cross-college" students) will have the majors listed separately under a heading for each college. Students with completed majors in different colleges are issued a degree from each college (two diplomas).

Students who are pursuing multiple majors must complete all requirements for all declared majors in order to graduate. Failure to complete requirements for any of their majors will result in denial of graduation for ALL majors.

Students may apply to graduate online at the Online Graduation Application.


The heading "AS OF:" indicates the most recent term with activity, and can include both regular terms and summer sessions. The student does not need to have enrolled for the term, they just had to have been activated. Some students will have terms listed that are after the term for which they have filed to graduate – this should be temporary, and only occur between the time when they have filed to graduate and when the graduation cleanup has occurred in the Office of the University Registrar (when post-FG terms are deleted from a student’s record). For graduating students this term is changed to the graduation term before awarding their degree.


This represents the term in which the student was admitted into the above program (irrespective of changes to major or college). Underneath this term may be an internal admissions code:

  • SAA Status – Student Affirmative Action Status. This is no longer used. When it was used, it was derived from a student’s ethnicity.
  • EOP Status – Educational Opportunity Program Status. This is derived from a variety of criteria from a student’s admissions application. (E = Eligible for EOP, [blank] = Not EOP)


The Undergraduate Class Level is determined as follows:

  • Undergraduate Class Level—Units
  • Freshman Level—0-44.99
  • Sophomore Level—45-89.99
  • Junior Level—90-134.99
  • Senior Level—135 & above


A student's “Reg Status” indicates how they are attending the university. Typically, a regularly matriculated UC Davis student will either be designated as "Continuing" or as a status that will become continuing the next quarter.

  • UNDECLARED: Placeholder notation.  Reflects a Banner value that should not be displayed. Notify the Office of the University Registrar if you see this on an internal transcript. 
  • CONTINUING: Regular matriculated UC Davis student. 
  • DAP PROGRAM: Placeholder notation. Used by Undergraduate Admissions until a permanent status can be determined, and reflects a Banner value that should not show up after a student has been admitted. Notify Undergraduate Admissions if you see this on an internal transcript. 
  • EXCHANGE: Student from abroad or another special program. 
  • NEW: Regular matriculated UC Davis student in their first regular term at the university.
  • PREVIOUS: Summer-only or non-continuing student. 
  • RE-ADMIT: Regular matriculated UC Davis student after being readmitted to the university. 
  • SUMMER: Summer-only or non-continuing student. 
  • RE-ENTRANT: Regular matriculated UC Davis student after re-entering the university. Typically used with Graduate/Professional students. 
  • VISITOR: Inter-campus visitor (such as through another UC).


Official transfer credit to the university is listed in this area as bulk units at a given institution. This includes AP and IB scores, and transfer work from other institutions. This should correspond to the list of articulated courses on the "TRANSFER EDUCATION" page of the transcript.


See the Glossary for terms that appear in this section. Test codes and their descriptions are listed in this section, as well as the score and the date taken. Note that if the word "self" appears in the description of the test, then the test score listed on that line was self-reported by the student and is not official. When the official test score is submitted to UC Davis an additional "official" entry will be made (although the "self" entry will remain).

If a student passes the Upper Division UWP Examination, it is noted in the section under the code "ECX." Results of this test are not noted on the official transcript.