This section is designed to assist the user in understanding the notations and information detailed at end of the internal transcript.

Unit/GPA Notations

At the end of the internal transcript, a grid is displayed that notes the student's current performance values.  The grid contains the following columns: COMPL, ATTM, PSSD, GPTS, GPA, BAL, R and I; and the following rows: UCD CUM, UC OTHR, TOT UC, TRANSFER, and GRD TOT.


COMPL: Credit bearing units completed with a passing grade. Includes P/NP units; does not include workload units in the TERM and UC CUM rows (except for the WK LOAD row, which does include workload units).  Incomplete, In Progress, NG, and Y grades do not count as completed units.

ATTM: This column represents all letter-graded units attempted (all courses that impact the student’s GPA). An “attempted” unit is a unit for a letter-graded course where the student has enrolled and received a grade. Does not include In Progress, Incomplete, NG, or Y grades. Does not include P/NP or S/U courses.

PSSD: Credit bearing, letter graded courses passed (does not include workload units).  Does not include In Progress, Incomplete, NG, Y, P/NP or S/U graded courses.

GPTS, GPA, and BAL: Details of these terms can be found on the Official Transcript Page.

R: Repeat Units. Represents a running total of all repeated units, whether included or excluded.

I: Pending Incomplete Units.


UCD CUM: UC Davis Cumulative. Does not include coursework from other UC campuses.

UC OTHR: UC "Other" - Non-UC Davis UC Transfer Information.

TOT UC: This indicates the official UC GPA of the student. This includes all GPA-applicable work taken at any UC. It does not include other non-UC transfer work.

TRANSFR: Non-UC Transfer Information. Includes AP and IB units, and non-UC schools where the student attended.

GRD TOT: Grand Total of all degree-bearing units. Workload units are not included in this total.

Other Figures

TOT TUTOR: Tutoring Units.

INTERN: Internship Units.

VARIABLE: Variable Units.

UCD CUM-ATTM P/NP STU: Cumulative attempted UC Units taken P/NP by student option.

PSSD P/NP STU: Passed Cumulative UC Units taken P/NP by student option.

UCD CUM-ATTM P/NP CRS: Cumulative attempted UC Units taken P/NP by course designation.

PSSD P/NP CRS: Passed Cumulative UC Units taken P/NP by course designation.

UPPER DIV. UNITS COMPLETED: This indicates the number of upper division units that a student has completed.

EXCLUDED REPEAT UNITS:  Repeated units that have been excluded according to Senate policy (See the Repeat Notations page for details).

TOTAL UNITS COMPLETED: The total number of degree-bearing units that the student has completed. This total includes all units taken at other universities or advanced placement examinations that are deemed transferable to UC Davis.

UC GPA: This represents a student’s GPA from all UC coursework. For students who do not have non-UC Davis UC coursework this GPA will be the same as the TOT UC GPA. However, if a student has transfer work from another UC this number may differ from the UCD CUM GPA (see above UCD CUM).

UC BALANCE POINTS: Balance Points (Details of these terms can be found on the Official Transcript Page).


Academic Standing

A student's current academic standing is listed here. It will either read "STUDENT IN GOOD ACADEMIC STANDING" or "STUDENT NOT IN GOOD ACADEMIC STANDING." When a student is dismissed and readmitted, they will remain "Not in Good" standing until they complete a regular term at UC Davis AND make up the deficiencies that caused them to be not in good academic standing. In order to graduate, student's must be in good academic standing; thus, all students who are degree awarded should be in good standing (if they are not, contact the Office of the University Registrar). Academic standing is derived from both quantitative (minimum progress) and qualitative standing (GPA and academic performance - see the individual Dean's Offices for details). The only notation for academic standing that will appear on a student's official transcript is the final and current determination of academic standing.

  • Academic standing is recalculated at the end of each regular term in which a student is enrolled.
  • Academic standing is recalculated whenever a grade is changed (such as with a Grade Change, an I grade removal, or an NG Grade removal).
  • Academic standing is recalculated following summer sessions.
  • Academic standing is recalculated following an approved retroactive withdrawal.
  • If a student is "not in good" academic standing at the conclusion of a term, they must complete another term to have their standing changed.


Honors and academic experiences, such as study abroad, honors theses, and special academic achievements are listed in this section. Special transcript notations, such as those regarding repeated courses, are also listed in this section


This section lists when and how the student has fulfilled certain UC Davis requirements, such as ELWR ("Entry Level Writing Requirement," formerly "Subject A" ) and the American History requirement. Academic holds, GE satisfied by IGETC, and High School graduation date are also indicated in this section.

NOTE: The ELWR requirement is indicated as "satisfied" or "required." If the requirement has been satisfied then the comment on the internal transcript also indicates how it was satisfied (such as by college course).