Statement of Legal Residence (SLR)

Statement of Legal Residence

Determination of Residence for Purposes of Tuition

The Statement of Legal Residence is an online form that will take you through a series of questions regarding you and your parents if you are less than 24 years old. This information is used to determine whether you and your parents meet the requirements for California resident tuition as of the Residence Determination Date, which is the first day of instruction of the term.

All new students are required to complete a Statement of Legal Residence. Continuing students entering a new program, such as undergraduate students entering a graduate/professional program are required to submit a new SLR. Students who do not submit a Statement of Legal Residence or provide required supporting documentation will be automatically classified as Nonresidents, charged Nonresident Supplemental Tuition, and an academic hold will be placed on the student's record until the SLR has been submitted.

It is recommended that students and their parents read the UC requirements for residence for purposes of tuition prior to submitting their Statement of Legal Residence.  The requirements and related residence topics are published in the Tuition and Residence section of this website or please refer directly to the UC Residence Policy and Guidelines.

Accommodations: To request reasonable accommodation for a disability when completing your Statement of Legal Residence please contact a Residence Deputy at:

Residence Deputy
Office of the University Registrar
3100 Dutton Hall
One Shields Ave
Davis, CA 95616
530-752-4749 or 530-752-5029

Student Responsibility

Students are directly accountable for the accuracy of their residence information. Students must sign the Statement of Legal Residence under oath and, if further information is required, it may be necessary to provide their signature under oath, by declaration or affidavit. If completed online, an additional handwritten signature may be required signed under penalty of perjury or in the presence of a notary public.

Supporting Documentation. A determination of residence status will be based on the information available to Residence Deputies. Information or documents requested but not made available to the Residence Deputy will generally not be considered. Students are responsible for submitting all relevant documentation and information to Residence Deputy in support of their residence claim.

Social Security Numbers. Please remove social security numbers from all supporting documentation.

Disclosure: Please be advised that your Statement of Legal Residence may be selected for verification of the information you provided.  Supporting documentation may be requested.

Incorrect Classification: Students who were incorrectly classified as a resident based on inaccurate information are subject to a nonresident classification and to payment of all Nonresident Supplemental Tuition not paid. If students concealed information or furnished false information and were classified incorrectly as a result, they are also subject to University discipline.

Changes in Resident status: Any student who is classified as a resident for purposes of tuition and fees but becomes a nonresident by virtue of his own acts or by the acts of the person from whom his residence is derived is obligated to notify a Residence Deputy immediately so his residence classification can be adjusted accordingly.  For example:

  • Non-Citizens whose immigration status is terminated or denied.
  • Non-Citizens whose nonimmigrant visa expires or changes to a visa that is ineligible under UC Residence Policy.
  • Students granted a limited exemption from nonresident tuition whose exemption ends.
  • Students whose exemption depends on continuous enrollment who are no longer enrolled
  • Students whose exemption is dependent on the status of a spouse or parent whose status changes.

A student who is classified as a nonresident will retain that status until he applies for and receives a resident classification. A nonresident student may petition for a resident classification with the campus Residence Deputy each term.

Exemptions from Non-Resident Supplemental Tuition

In the Statement of Legal Residence, you will be asked questions related to Exemptions from Nonresident Supplemental Tuition detailed in the UC Residence Policy under Exceptions to General Residence Regulations.