Petition for Classification to Resident Form & Instructions

Filing Periods & Deadlines

If you are a continuing UC Davis student classified as a nonresident for tuition purposes in a prior term and you believe you now meet the requirements and wish to be classified as a California resident, you must file an online Petition for Classification to Resident Status during the published filing period for the applicable term.

Late petitions will not be accepted. Deadline exceptions will only be considered in the cases of a documented medical illness, death in the immediate family, or an administrative error on the part of the university. See Processes and Important Dates for the petition Filing Periods and Deadline dates.


To request a reasonable accommodation for a disability when completing either a Statement of Legal Residence or a Petition for Classification to Resident contact a Residence Deputy at:

Residence Deputy
Office of the University Registrar
3100 Dutton Hall
One Shields Ave
Davis, CA 95616
530-752-4749 or 530-752-5029

Students deemed to be in the state solely for educational purposes are not eligible for resident status regardless of the length of stay in California. The residence requirements are summarized on this website under Who Is a Resident?

Student Fees & Pending Petitions

You are responsible for payment of assessed student fees by the Student Fee Payment Deadline, even if a decision on your Petition for Classification is still pending. If your residence status changes after payment of fees, you will be refunded any overpayment.

When will I be notified of a decision on my Petition? You should receive an email at your UC Davis email address within five-six weeks from the date our office receives your petition with required documentation. You will be notified of the decision or if further documents are needed. We cannot process your petition until all documents are submitted. See Required Supporting Documents, below.

Filing Instructions—Petition for Classification to Resident

To petition for resident classification, follow all of these instructions.

  1. First Day of Instruction. You must file your online Petition for Classification to Resident Status during the filing period, and no later than the First Day of Instruction for the quarter that you are claiming resident status.  This deadline also pertains to students on the semester system.
  2. Submit Petition Online. Complete the online Petition for Classification to Resident Status.
  3. Confirmation Number. The confirmation number of your Petition for Classification appears in the Confirmation Notice sent to your UC Davis email address after you submit your petition online. Save the Confirmation Notice for your future reference and as proof that you filed your petition.
  4. Document List in the Confirmation Email. All supporting documents must be uploaded to your petition for processing using the links provided in the Confirmation Notice. Upload all required supporting documents by following the instructions provided in your confirmation email. Petitions submitted with incomplete documentation will not be reviewed.
  5. UC Davis Email Notices. Check your UC Davis email account regularly for notices regarding your Petition from the Residence Deputy.
  6. Check Petition Status Online. You may check the status of your petition online anytime. See Registrar Forms and Application Status.

Incomplete Petitions

Petitions submitted without all of the documents are considered Incomplete. Incomplete petitions will not be processed and will be closed. Additional documents will not be accepted after the 12th day of instruction unless you have requested an extension from a Residence Deputy.

A determination of your residence status will be based on the information available to Residence Deputies. Students are responsible for submitting all relevant documentation and information to a campus Residence Deputy in support of their residence statement, petition or exemption application. Information or documents requested but not made available to the Residence Deputy will generally not be considered. Personally-sensitive information may be removed. Social Security Numbers must be removed from all documents submitted.

Petition Form

Read the Petition Filing Instructions before beginning the Online Petition form.

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