Reserved Seat Registration

What are Reserved Seats?

The Reserved Seat process holds back a number of seats for incoming freshmen and new transfer students. The Reserved Seat process is used during the Pass One registration period and is only used for Fall quarter registration. Not all classes utilize the Reserved Seat process.

Why is the Reserved Seat process being implemented?

The concept of holding back seats for select populations during Fall registration is not new to UC Davis and has been used in previous years. Because new incoming freshmen and transfer students are the last to register, seats are reserved so that they have the opportunity to get into certain courses. This new process provides improved transparency for all students who register during Pass One registration.

How will a class section display Reserved Seats?

In Schedule Builder, you will see Open/Reserved/Waitlist followed by a count of seats. For example, if a class has “Open/Reserved/Waitlist: 40/15/0”, this means that there are 40 Open seats for returning or new incoming students and 15 Reserved seats for incoming freshmen and new transfer students. The Waitlist reflects 0 seats as waitlist is not available during Pass One. Waitlisting becomes available with Pass Two registration. The seat counts dynamically update as students register or drop their registration. This information is located under the Course Subject, Number, and Title.

I am a returning student and there are no Open seats, but I see Reserved Seats available. Can I register for this class?

If no Open seats are available during Pass One registration, you are not able to register for a Reserved seat. However, any unused Reserved seats will be converted to Open seats when Pass Two registration opens. As such, you may be able to register for an Open seat during the Pass Two registration time period.

I am an Incoming Freshman/New transfer student and there are no Reserved Seats displayed for a class. Does that mean I can’t get into the class?

Not all classes will have Reserved seats. If there is a “0” denoted for Reserved seats, you can register if an Open seat exists; pending no other class restriction exist, and you have met all prerequisites, if applicable.

I’m trying to register for a class and I received the error message You are attempting to register for a course with reserved seating; however, you do not qualify for one of the available reserved seats. How can I register for one of these available Reserved Seats?

If you do not qualify for a Reserved Seat, you have to wait until Pass Two registration opens. If any Reserved Seats have not been taken by that time, they will be converted to Open seats for Pass Two registration.

Will classes with Reserved seats allow for waitlisting?

Yes. Once the Pass One registration period ends for incoming freshmen and new transfers, waitlist seats are added to classes for Pass Two registration.

I am an incoming Freshman/New transfer student and the course section indicates that there are Reserved Seats for New Freshmen and Transfer students. However, I am receiving a registration error message when trying to register. Why is that?

While reserved seats may still be available, the error message indicates that you do not qualify for a seat based on your College and/or Cohort. For example, some course sections are only available for new transfer students or students from a particular college. If you are a Freshman or not from that particular college, then you would not qualify for that open reserved seat. Do note that once Pass One registration closes any unused reserved seats will be converted to open seats. You may be able to register for the course during Pass Two.