Register for Classes

Preparing to Register

Your registration will go smoothly if you are well prepared. You have the option of using either Schedule Builder or the Class Search Tool to create your schedule.

Using Schedule Builder, you can: 

  • Search for classes, and view class details and critical class messages.
  • Check for registration holds and errors.
  • Create and save multiple schedules with varying classes and sections for the same quarter.
  • View your schedule in both list and calendar formats.
  • Register for a full schedule (all classes) or one class at a time.
  • Swap (add & drop) classes and sections in one action.

Using the Class Search Tool:

  • Print the Class Planner and Registration Worksheet to record all of the information you will need during registration. You may not have time to look for this information during your appointment.
  • Choose the classes you wish to take. There may be several offerings (sections) of the course, or there may be only one section. Each section has its own CRN.
  • Select alternative choices and their CRNs, and write them on your worksheet in case your first choices are unavailable. Be sure to select a CRN for each part of a multiple-part course that does not use the combined schedule.
  • Class selections saved in the Class Search Tool do NOT download into Schedule Builder. 

If you have selected a variable-unit course or course requiring the consent of the instructor for enrollment, you will see the @ symbol instead of the CRN in Schedule Builder and the Class Search Tool. Obtain the CRN from the department offering the course, and then enroll using Schedule Builder.

Students without existing enrollment by the 10th day of instruction will not be able to register for courses; see Late Schedule Adjustments.

Registration Tips

  • Once registered, even for just one class or unit, all students become financially liable and responsible for full-time tuition and fees for the term.
  • Students remain financially liable and responsible for the term's tuition and fees unless they file a Cancellation/Withdrawal Form with the Office of the University Registrar by the first day of instruction.
  • Financial Aid recipients must enroll for a minimum of 12 units (including workload units) during Pass One to ensure disbursement of any financial aid. Be sure to register for 12 units prior to the Registration Freeze.
  • Wait-listed courses do not count toward full-time enrollment status or the 12-unit financial aid minimum, but wait-listed courses do count toward the registration unit limit per pass.
  • The Registration Freeze goes into effect on the Student Fee Payment Deadline. The registration freeze allows for payments to be properly applied to the student account balance due, provides an opportunity to for the Drop for Non-Payment process, and moves paid students into open classes from the wait-list.
  • Students are dropped from their classes if they have not paid their current university tuition, fees and any outstanding balance due by the Student Fee Payment Deadline; remember to pay your fees on time!
  • Students who no longer wish to remain enrolled in classes for the term must complete a Cancellation/Withdrawal Form.  Students should not use or expect the Drop for Non-Payment process to remove them from their classes, or relinquish them from their financial responsibility and obligations for the term.
  • Undergraduate students will be prevented from enrolling in courses that are considered an illegal repeat. Please review the information for the specific illegal repeat error as you may be eligible to enroll after you have resolved a pending grade or obtain appropriate approval.
  • Courses canceled by the department are dropped from your schedule automatically.
  • It is your responsibility to verify your enrollment and course schedule prior to the start of each term.
  • There is no automatic fee reduction for enrolling in fewer than full-time units; see either Part-Time Status or Employee-Student Reduced Fee.