Inspect & Review Records

Students have the right to review their own records. A written request must be submitted to the Office of the University Registrar or other department in possession of the records.

  • Requests submitted via email must originate from the student's UC Davis email account. 
  • Students will be required to provide proof of identity before they are allowed access to any records. 

Departments shall provide access to the records within 45 days of the request. 

The student may be given supervised access to inspect and review their records or copies of the records. Furnishing the student with a copy of the records constitutes providing access to the records. 

If the student cannot come to the department to review the records, the department shall provide copies when failure to do so would effectively prevent students from exercising their right of access. Fees may be charged for copies in accordance with campus procedures.

Departments will provide responses to reasonable student requests for explanations or interpretations of their records. The response need only inform the student of what the records contain, not why the records exist or why specific information is contained in the records.

The following records are exempt from inspection and review by students:

  • Financial records and statements of the student’s parents/guardians.
  • Confidential letters and statements of recommendation regarding admission, application for employment, or the receipt of an honor, if the student has waived access rights; see PPM 320-21, Section IV.D.
  • Records containing personally identifiable information about other students. If a record contains information regarding more than one student, the records shall be redacted and the student requesting access may inspect and review or be informed of only the specific information that pertains to him/her.