Modify a Course or Section

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  1. Type ZSADEPT in the Direct Access field to access the Schedule Form.
  2. Enter the term code in the Term field.
  3. Enter the CRN of the course to be modified in the CRN field. If needed, Search for the CRN.
    • In the CRN field press F9 or use the pull down menu tab to initiate a query.
    • The Schedule Section Query Form (SSASECQ) will display and carry the term.
    • Tab to the “Subj” and “Crse” fields and enter the subject and course to query.
    • Press F8 to execute the query.
    • When you have retrieved the information, either:
      • Choose the “Select” icon.
      • Choose “Select” from the File menu.
      • Press Shift+F3.
    • The selected value will be displayed in ZSADEPT. 
    • To close the form without selecting a value, select the Exit icon or press Ctrl+Q.
  4. Move into the Section Block of the form by pressing Ctrl+Page Down.
  5. Use Tab, Ctrl+Page Up, and Ctrl+Page Down to move to the fields you wish to modify.
  6. Make the necessary changes.
  7. If you want to change the meeting times, and there is a building and/or room displayed, you must clear both the building and room fields first by pressing Ctrl+e.  (Make sure caps lock is not on.)
  8. If you want to change the instructor, you must press Shift+F6 (Delete Record) to remove all information before adding the new instructor and F10 (save). You cannot key over an existing Instructor ID number.
  9. Find an Instructor’s ID.
  10. Press F10 to save your changes. Note: you will need to save your changes in each block before you proceed to another block.
  11. At this point, confirm that all of the course section information is correct. To continue, use the “Rollback” icon or press Shift+F7 to proceed with another course. To Exit, press Ctrl+Q or use the “Exit” icon to close the Schedule Form.