Printing Schedule Proofs; ZSRCSPR & ZSRDNPC

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Schedule Proof (ZSRCSPR) and Do Not Print List (ZSRDNPC)

zsrcspr or zsrdnpc forms
  1. At the main Banner 8 menu, type ZSRCSPR (schedule proof) or ZSRDNPC (do not print list), hit Enter.  
  2. You should now be in either ZSRCSPR – Class Schedule Proof Report or ZSRDNPC – Do Not Print Courses 
  3. CTRL + page down to the Printer Control block, enter the name of the designated Banner printer in your office (where transcripts are now printed)  
  4. CTRL + page down into the Parameter Values block  enter in Values Block
  5. Term Code – Type in the term, i.e., 200710
  6. Subject Code – Type in your three letter subject code (ALL CAPS)
  7. Spacing – Type in the number 1    
  8. CTRL + page down into Submission block – Save with an F10 or select the Save icon. 
    • Note:  You do not need to Save Parameter Set by selecting the box.