Photo Rosters

How to Use Photo Rosters

  1. Log into to view prerequisite petitions. For instructors, the view will automatically show your courses. For delegates, you will see a search field where you can enter the instructor you delegate for.
  2. Petitions that need attention are at the top and are highlighted in red. You can also view petitions by term and by course under the "Courses you teach" section.
  3. Click on "View" to review the petition.
  4. Under "Petition Information", you will find the student's petition and any supporting documentation they may have uploaded. Once the Pass Two registration period begins, you can take actions for the petition/student. A comment is required to provide reasoning for your decision.
  • Approve: The student will be allowed to remain registered/waitlisted for the course.
  • Deny: The student will be dropped from the course.
  • Drop: The student did not meet the prerequisites and has no petition to review on file, so only the drop option is available.