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Undergraduate Students

Registration takes place during two intervals called “Passes.”  Undergraduate students are assigned an appointment time during each of the two passes. The two-pass registration system ensures that all students have access to the courses that are most critical to their curricula and attain full-time status and that access to registration is distributed fairly throughout the student body.

Each pass appointment is the start of a four-hour window during which students can register for classes. After this four-hour window, students have access to register during Open Hours:

  • Monday–Friday evenings; 8:00 p.m.–midnight (PT).
  • Weekends; 10:00 a.m.–6:00 p.m. (PT).

Access to registration for undergraduate students is by priority groups. Priority groups are established according to the number of UC Davis units and non-exam based transfer units completed. Advanced Placement (AP) units, International Baccalaureate (IB) units, and current term enrollment are excluded from this calculation.

For newly admitted students during winter term registration, zero units are assigned to all newly admitted freshmen and 90 units are assigned to newly admitted transfers. Starting in the spring term and going forward all completed UC Davis units plus non-exam based transfer credit will be used when assigning pass appointments.

The Undergraduate Class Level is determined as follows:

  • Undergraduate Class Level—Units
  • Freshman Level—0-44.99
  • Sophomore Level—45-89.99
  • Junior Level—90-134.99
  • Senior Level—135 & above

Under no circumstances are appointment times rescheduled. Students can register during their pass appointment, during Open Hours after their appointment, or during Schedule Adjustment.

Undergraduate students can enroll in up to 17 units during Pass One, 19 units during Pass Two, and 28.5 units during Schedule Adjustment. If the number of units requested exceeds the total amount allowed during the pass, Schedule Builder does not register the last added class.

Graduate Students

Graduate students do not have assigned appointment times and may enroll in classes anytime during Registration operating hours.

Graduate students may not enroll in more than 16 units of upper division and graduate level courses combined, or in more than 12 units of graduate level coursework, without the approval of the Associate Dean of Students in Graduate Studies.

Undergraduate Registration

Pass One Appointments

  • Enrollment limited to 17 units.
  • Open Hours available after pass appointment.

Pass One Open Registration

  • All students.

Pass Two Appointments

  • Enrollment limited to 19 units.
  • Wait lists are available.
  • Open Hours available after pass appointment.

Pass Two Open Registration

  • All students.

Registration Freeze

  • Begins on the same day as the Student Fee Payment Deadline.
  • No undergraduate, graduate or professional student may register during the freeze.
  • Payments are posted to the student account and the Drop for Non-Payment process is completed.
  • Paid students are rolled into open classes from the wait list.

Schedule Adjustment

  • Enrollment limited to 28.5 units.