Registration Holds

Common Registration Holds

A hold may be placed on your record for a variety of reasons; some common holds are:

  • IZ: Student Health & Wellness—Proof of Immunizations needed.
  • RS: Residency Hold - Statement of Legal Residence (SLR) due.
  • RR: Residency Hold - Requested residency documentation needed.
  • U2: University Registrar—UG readmission student missing transfer transcripts.
  • VP: Violence Intervention & Prevention—complete the program.
  • ZA: Student Accounting—Past due hold.
  • ZD: Student Accounting—Long-term loan hold.

Use Schedule Builder to check for holds. Clearing all holds before your registration appointment will save you time. A hold prevents you from taking any and all registration actions, including:

  • Adding & dropping classes, and switching sections.
  • Changing the grading mode (letter grade, P/NP, S/U).
  • Making a change to the units of a variable unit course.

Only the office that placed the hold may remove the hold. The Office of the University Registrar is not authorized to remove a hold placed by another office.