Grade Changes

General Information

Academic Senate Regulations (system-wide and individual campus) mandate that grades are final when filed with the Office of the University Registrar by the instructor. A grade can be changed only if a "clerical or procedural error" can be documented. No change of grade may be made on the basis of reassessment of the quality of a student’s work or, with the exception of Incomplete or In Progress grades, the completion of additional work. No term grade except Incomplete may be revised by re-examination. For more information, see regulation A540 of the Davis Division of the Academic Senate.

The Academic Senate Committee on Grade Changes ("Grade Change Committee") reviews requests for grade changes. The Grade Change Committee has no authority to reevaluate student work, but can change the grade if it finds a documented clerical or procedural error. For more information, see the Grade Change Committee Guidelines. Questions regarding the Grade Change Committee should be directed to a Grade Change Deputy in the Office of the University Registrar. Grade change requests should be submitted to the Office of the University Registrar by the instructor—students are not permitted to submit change of grade requests.

Instructors wishing to request a change of grade due to clerical or procedural error may do so using the Online Grade Change Tool. For any grade changes to a grade assigned prior to Winter 2013, instructors submit a grade change request form available in department offices.

Students can use OASIS (Online Advising Student Information System Portal) to see any approved or pending grade changes that have been submitted via the Online Grade Change Tool on their record.

Grade Grievances

Students wishing to file a grade grievance may only do so after they have discussed the matter with the instructor and the department chairperson. Students should bear in mind that the Grade Change Committee, like the instructor, has no authority to reassess or re-evaluate student work; only if it can be documented that a clerical or procedural error was made will the Grade Change Committee have authority to alter the grade. The student is expected to bear the burden of proving that a clerical or procedural error occurred and caused the incorrect grade to be assigned. 

If the alleged procedural error involves arbitrary treatment or prohibited discrimination, the student may file a complaint under campus grievance procedures; see Policy and Procedure Manual Section 280-01. For more information, students may contact the Office of Student Support and Judicial Affairs at 530-752-1128.

Spring 2020 Retroactive Grade Mode Changes

The Academic Senate is allowing greater flexibilities for retroactive grade mode changes for courses taken Spring 2020. These flexibilities and instructions are limited to courses taken Spring 2020, and they only apply to undergraduate students. See Retroactive Grade Mode Changes for Courses Taken Spring 2020.