ZSADEPT Overview

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ZSADEPT allows department schedulers to query and update course schedule information online. Updating capabilities for course scheduling are subject to "open window" timeframes coordinated with departments by the Academic Scheduling Coordinator in the Office of the University Registrar. Below is the definition of the fields used by the department schedulers.

ZSADEPT - Course Section Information Block

zsadept form

NOTE:  Tab to navigate through the form. Tabbing is the only way the required automatic fill-ins will display.


  1. TERM: The 6-digit term code.
  2. CRN: The 5-digit Course Reference Number (CRN) assigned to the section.
  3. Subject: The 3-character subject code.
  4. Course Number: The 3-4 character course number (numeric or alpha-numeric code).
  5. Section: The 3-character section number of the course (must be three characters).
  6. Status: Open or Closed (automatic fill-in).
  7. Schedule Type: The schedule type for the course as approved in ICMS Curriculum.
  8. *Special Approval: You may enter “CI” if on ICMS Curriculum.
  9. Maximum: The maximum number of students allowed to enroll.
  10. Print in Class Schedule: Print indicator (appears on SISWeb).


  1. Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun: days of the week that the section meets.
  2. Start Time: The course starting time (military time only).
  3. End Time: The course ending time (military time only).
  4. Building: The 6 character building code.
  5. Room: The 5 digit room number for the location.
  6. Schedule Type: Schedule activity code per ICMS Curriculum.
  7. Override Indicator: Do not make an entry in this field—always leave this field blank.
  8. Hours per Week: Automatic fill when meeting schedule is entered.
  9. Session Indicator: Order of activity code as approved in ICMS Curriculum.
    • “01”—primary activity.
    • “02”—secondary activity.


  1. ID: The 9 digit ID assigned to the instructor (The ID 989999999 corresponds to "The Staff").
  2. Primary Indicator: Default setting.
  3. Override Indicator: Use for instructor conflict. Use always when the same instructor is teaching multiple sections or the instructor is "The Staff."

ZSADEPT - Course Restrictions and Announcements Block

ZSADEPT - Course Restrictions
  1. The first block (marked ALL in the CRN block) is for multiple section courses. It applies to all sections of that course.
  2. The bottom block (5 digit CRN) is for a specific section. It applies to that specific CRN only.
  3. Radio Button:
    • Reviewed - No Change: no change.
    • Confirm - New/Change: add or change is needed.
    • Delete: do not delete the restriction/announcement text, select the delete radio button, no other action needed.

ZSADEPT - Special Requests Block

ZSADEPT - Special Requests
Use this form to submit a special request specific to a course. These requests must be re-entered each quarter.