Transfer Students

UC Residence Policy Summary for Students

UC Residence Policy Summary for Students

Contact a UC Residence Deputy

Request to speak with a Residence Deputy about how the UC Residence Policy and Financial Independence may impact your transfer plans:

10 a.m.-4 p.m. (PT)

Students Planning to Transfer to UC: Students in other colleges or universities considering transferring to the UC, planning a Transfer Admissions Agreement, or consulting with their Community College or CSU Academic Advisors about seeking admission and transferring to the UC in the future, are cautioned to read and understand the UC Financial IndependenceSelf Sufficiency policy outlined in this site and in the UC Residence Policy. The UC Residence requirements may differ from your prior University or community college.

UC Residence Classification: Upon admittance to the University of California, your resident or nonresident classification is determined for purposes of tuition and fees only after you have completed and submitted a Statement of Legal Residence to a campus Residence Deputy. Your residence status for tuition and fees at your prior college or university is not a consideration in determining your residence under the UC Residence Policy.

Out of State Parents

If you are an undergraduate under the age of 24 and your parent(s) are not California residents, it is unlikely that you will be able to qualify as a California resident in the UC for purposes of tuition and fees.

Financial Independence from Out of State Parents

To prove your Financial Independence and complete Self Sufficiency for the two full years immediately preceding the term you plan to attend UC Davis, You must be able to document all of the following:

  • You have not been claimed as an income tax dependent by any individual for two tax years immediately preceding the term, and
  • You have been totally self-sufficient for two full years immediately prior to the Residence Determination Date,
  • You have been supporting yourself, for example, through jobs, financial aid, commercial/institutional loans in your name only, and savings from your own earnings.
  • You must be able to document that you have paid rent and all other expenses from your own earnings.


Residence Determination Date (RDD)
For quarter-based campuses at the University of California it is the day instruction begins at the last campus to open for the term. For semester-based campuses and schools, it is the day instruction begins at the Berkeley campus.