Continuing Students

Residence Reminder for Continuing Students

Continuing Students who are establishing residence can review the four requirements described under Who is a Resident?

Continuing UC Davis Students and Residence for Tuition Purposes

Students who continue to enroll after their first term of admission are assessed fees and tuition based on their initial residence classification and are responsible for paying by the Fee Payment Deadlines each quarter or semester. Students are responsible for payment of assessed tuition amounts when they are due. If their residence status changes after payment of tuition, they will be refunded any overpayment.

Students are responsible for notifying a Residence Deputy of any changes to their residence in California.


Internationals, Nationals and California Students who were initially classified as nonresident for purposes of tuition may petition for a change of classification to resident status once all the UC Residence Policy requirements have been met.

Graduate Students Continuing in Their Program at UC Davis

Students who were classified as Nonresident in the first quarter and now believe they meet the UC Residence Requirements file a Petition for Classification to Resident during the published filing periods for the term they seek resident classification. Students must read the filing instructions before submitting the online Petition for Classification form.

Reminders are sent to graduate advising departments prior to each quarter; however, students are still responsible for familiarizing themselves with the Filing Period Dates, Instructions for the Petition, the Residence Requirements and for submitting their completed Petition with the required documents before the published deadline date.  

After filing their petitions, student should periodically check their UC Davis email address to see if their petition has been approved or if the Residence Deputy needs additional information or documents. Students will be notified by the Residence Deputy via their UC Davis email that the petition has been approved or denied.

California Students

Students who were admitted from within California and who have been attending UC Davis as Nonresidents for tuition purposes may petition for classification to resident when they believe they have achieved the UC Residence Requirements by attaining Financial Independence, turning 24 years of age, establishing their history of legal ties, or otherwise meeting other unfulfilled UC Residence requirements.


US citizen students who were admitted from outside of California that have been attending UC Davis as Nonresidents for tuition purposes and have established residence in California for the required 366 days or have otherwise achieved the UC Residence Requirements may petition for classification to resident.

Changes to Immigration and Visa

Residence Deputy:

Services for International Students:
SISS—University House
University of California, Davis
One Shields Avenue
Davis, CA 95616
Fax 530-752-5822

To correct your record, or to notify a Residence Deputy of a recent change to your Visa, Immigration or Citizenship, complete the Change of Citizenship, Immigration & Visa Form.


International students, or students with International parents, are required to notify a Residence Deputy of any changes to their own or their parents Visa or Immigration Status. Internationals whose Visa or Immigration status has changed and who have achieved the required 366 days of lawful presence with eligible Nonimmigrant Visa or Immigration status may be eligible to petition for classification to resident.

Dismissal, Withdrawal or Cancellation

Continuing students who cease attending UC Davis, for reasons of dismissal, withdrawal or cancellation and who apply for readmission in a future term may be required to update their residence status with a Residence Deputy upon their approved readmission.