Special Parent Circumstances

Contact a Residence Deputy

If you have any questions about providing information about special parent circumstances, please contact a Residence Deputy.

Students: Include your full legal name and UC Davis Student ID number in your email question.

Parents, Guardians, Foster Parents: Include your telephone number in your email question.


If students believe they have a special circumstance and are unable to provide specific dates for one or both of their living parents, they may provide a written explanation regarding their parent(s) within their Statement of Legal Residence.

When one or both parents’ information cannot be provided by students claiming to be resident in California due to being deceased, incarcerated, abusive or unknown or out of contact, or when the student has been a Ward of the Court or served by the California Child Welfare System, the Residence Deputy determination will be made based on all of the available information provided by the student. When possible, the determination may be made based on one living parent.

Documents and evidence. To verify their situation, students will have to provide any relevant information that explains the special circumstances and should gather as many documents of the special circumstances as they can. Written evidence may include:

  • Court documents (Ward of Court, Adoption, Guardianship).
  • Law Enforcement or Department of Corrections documents (Incarceration).
  • Letters from a clergy member, school counselor (Abusive environments, Unknown/out of contact parents).
  • Social Worker, Case Worker letters (Abusive environments, Foster Care).

After reviewing written statements, documents, and circumstances carefully, a Residence Deputy will decide if the student must provide parental information or if the student will have to demonstrate the financial independence and self sufficiency requirement, or if any exemptions apply to the student’s residence status.

Special Circumstances

Examples of special circumstances where you may be able to submit your Statement of Legal Residence without providing parental information include:

  • Parents are deceased.
  • Student has been a Ward of the Court, in a foster home or residing with a foster parent.
  • Parents are incarcerated.
  • Student has left home due to an abusive family environment.
  • Student does not know where the parents are and is unable to contact them (when the student has not been adopted).

One or more of the following UC Residence Policies or determination process may apply and will be a consideration when the student’s residence is determined for tuition purposes by a Residence Deputy: