Out-of-State Parents

One California Parent or One Out-of-State Parent

The process for determining residence for students with one California parent or one out-of state parent is to determine if the student is financially dependent on the California parent.

It is the student's burden to prove, by clear and convincing evidence, that they and the California parent have satisfied all applicable UC residence requirements.   The financial independence requirement will not be a factor in the residence determination if the student’s natural or adoptive parent, upon whom the student is dependent, meets the requirements for California residence for purposes of tuition and fees.

Minor Student (Under Age 18) Moving to California

The general rules applying to minors specify that if the student is an unmarried minor (under age 18), the residence of the parent with whom the student lives is considered to be the student's residence. If the student has a parent living, the student cannot change their residence by their own act, by the appointment of a legal guardian, or by the relinquishment of the parent's right of control.

Under the Residence Rules for Minors, the student may be able to derive California resident status from a California resident parent if they move to California to live with that parent on or before the student's 18th birthday.

Age 18 Student Moving to California

If the student begins residing with their California parent after the student's 18th birthday, the student will be treated like any other adult coming to California to establish residence.

Residence Deputies will consider whether the Exemption for Dependents of a California Resident (Condit Bill Exemption) may apply. See: Dependent of a California Resident (Condit Bill)


A guardianship is a legal relationship created when a person or institution named in a will or assigned by the court to take care of minor children. Residence Deputies may request verification of court-appointed guardianship to determine whether the adult can be a considered in determining the student’s residence for tuition purposes.  If a guardian is appointed for a minor after the death of his parents, the minor will take the residence of the guardian.